Can I Use a Massage Chair When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful and magical experience for many women. However, it’s also a time filled with many aches, pains, and general discomfort. Growing another lifeform in your tummy can take it out of a woman.

As your body changes shape and your stomach takes on more weight, you might begin to notice discomfort, back pain, and problems with your pressure points that you never noticed before. A massage chair may seem like the perfect way to address some of the discomforts you feel during the nine months of pregnancy.

However, not many women know how safe massage chairs are. Today, we’re going to help you understand what makes massage chairs safe or unsafe for pregnancy. So if you’ve been wondering, “can I use a massage chair when pregnant?” you’re in the right place.

Can You Use Massage Chairs While Pregnant?

Whether or not you can use a massage chair or any form of massage therapy when pregnant will depend on a few factors. Some manufacturers recommend not using massage chairs during pregnancy because there is a concern that stimulating certain pressure points on the back might prompt premature labour. However, there is no evidence to support this claim currently. It’s also worth noting that pregnant women should always speak to a doctor if they have any concerns. If you’re in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor might advise staying away from massage chairs during pregnancy to be safe. You might also find that a vibrating massage chair makes feelings of sickness greater during the first trimester.

However, for the most part, unless you’re in a specific risk group, there’s little chance that a massage chair will cause any problems in your pregnancy. Your baby is wrapped in a safety net of fluid and muscle layers to keep them well-protected. When you sit in a massaging chair during pregnancy, there’s no more risk in general to getting a standard massage from a medical professional.

Using a Massage Chair While Pregnant

There are a few things to be aware of if you’re seeking out massage chairs and massages during pregnancy. For instance, lower back pain can sometimes be a subtle symptom of preterm labour. Any significant discomfort you experience during pregnancy, from leg pain to severe headaches, should always be investigated by a doctor before you begin to self-treat with a massage.

It’s also worth avoiding massage chairs with heating pads where possible. Most doctors will recommend avoiding over-exposure to a significant amount of heat or cold when you’re pregnant. A heating pad, like a hot bath, could cause a spike in the baby’s heart rate.

If you’ve done the right research and spoken to your clinical practice about potential pregnancy complications, you may find that there are even health benefits to using a massage chair. For instance, massage and light exercises can help to promote blood circulation. Massage can have the following benefits:

Pain relief: Medical professionals frequently recommend massage for improved blood flow and relief from various forms of pain. A massage or massage chair can help with various health conditions, including back and leg pain during pregnancy. Many women struggle with these pains – particularly during the third trimester when they’re carrying more weight.

Comfort: A massage can be great for your emotional health too. As long as you’re not exposed to too much pressure, the massage can help you to relax and unwind. Since massage lowers stress and human touch helps alleviate anxiety, it can also help you get to sleep, particularly if it’s reducing pain. You might even continue to use a massage chair after pregnancy to help with things like postnatal depression.

Improved immune system: Massage can help you maintain the best health possible by improving circulation and reducing stress. When you’re free from pain, you can sleep easier, and you’re more likely to have a strong immune system.

What Areas Should Not Be Massaged During Pregnancy?

Despite many benefits such as improved blood circulation and relaxation, massage can also have a downside if you’re not careful. For instance, pregnant women are often at higher risk of blood clots in the lower legs, which is why some experts recommend avoiding strong pressure in these areas.

There isn’t a great deal of scientific evidence which indicates that massage should be dangerous to your body or the body of your baby. However, some people could be more at risk of serious complications than others. For instance, if you have a preeclampsia history in your family or a history of preterm miscarriage and labour, you should avoid a massage chair.

If you’re worried about your baby because of a history of cardiovascular issues, or your doctor has advised you to be aware of shorter labour, speak to a professional for a few minutes before getting a massage. Getting advice about your body and your baby can help you to avoid any mistakes.

If a massage chair doesn’t seem to be the right choice for your body, you could always see a traditional massage therapist to see if they can make the necessary adjustments to help you enjoy more comfort with a growing belly.

What to Remember When Using a Massage Chair

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It’s always important to talk to your medical professional about your body and growing baby before seeking out any form of pain treatment. Some professionals avoid staying away from pedicure massage chairs because of potential issues with premature labour. However, this won’t always be a problem for every pregnant woman.

Many pregnant women can use massage chairs safely, just like traditional massage therapy, to deal with back pain, reduce body temperature and relax. Most massage chairs will be safe, but before you jump in, remember pregnant women should always:

Avoid using the chair during the first trimester: Your growing uterus during the first stage of your pregnancy may be more at risk from massage chairs. If you’re going to use massage chairs during pregnancy, it might be better to wait until the second trimester.

Find the right fit: It’s not unusual for a pregnant woman to struggle to get into a massage chair while pregnant. If the chair is too small, don’t squeeze in. Seek alternatives instead, such as traditional massage.

Reduce the time in the chair: Only use massage chairs during pregnancy for a short amount of time. Reducing your exposure to a vibrating chair should help to avoid problems commonly associated with prenatal massage.

Speak to a doctor about any concerns: Pregnant ladies should always speak to a doctor about concerns like swelling, history of preterm labour, or other concerns about premature birth before using a massage chair as part of their pregnancy.

Safety First for You and Your Baby

A massage chair can feel heavenly during your pregnancy when your body is dealing with a range of new aches and pains. Like most things, it’s important to speak to your doctor about your options before you use a massage chair, however. Although these products are becoming increasingly popular, some doctors may recommend sticking to traditional massage to deal with the pain, stress of hormonal changes, and other side effects of pregnancy. It’s important to know what works for your body if you’re going to use a massage chair during pregnancy to improve blood circulation and get a better night’s sleep.

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