how close can a gas hob be to a cupboard

To ensure compliance with UK regulations, installing a gas hob in your kitchen should be done with care. How close can a gas hob be to a cupboard? This question has been asked by many homeowners and we’ll answer it here. In this blog post, we’ll explore what the UK regulations are for installing gas hobs as well as discuss how close they can be placed near cupboards and any potential risks that come with having them too close together. Read on to find out more about safely installing your new appliance.

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What are the UK Regulations for Gas Hobs?

Gas hobs are a common appliance found in many UK homes. But before you install one, it’s important to be aware of the regulations that apply to them. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that all gas appliances must be installed by a qualified professional. This includes ensuring they are properly connected and regularly serviced.

When it comes to positioning your gas hob, there are some specific rules you need to follow too. The National Fire Protection Association recommends leaving at least 6 inches between the hob and any cupboard or wall behind it for safety reasons. If this isn’t possible, then a flame-retardant panel should be used as an additional barrier between the two surfaces – something like fire-rated plasterboard or masonry board will do the job nicely.

The British Standard BS6172:

This guideline is for the safe installation of gas hobs which includes making sure they’re not positioned too close together or near combustible materials such as curtains, wallpaper etc., so make sure these areas are kept clear when installing yours. It’s worth noting that if you don’t follow these regulations correctly, then you could risk invalidating your home insurance policy – so take care when planning where your new appliance will go.

It is important to understand the UK regulations for gas hobs in order to ensure safety when using them. With that knowledge, we can now look at how close a gas hob can be placed to a cupboard and what precautions should be taken.

How Close Can a Gas Hob be to a Cupboard?

When it comes to installing a gas hob near a cupboard, the UK regulations are quite clear. The Building Regulations 2010 state that combustible materials must be situated a minimum of 30cm from any open flame, including cupboards and other kitchen furnishings which may be nearby the gas hob. This includes cupboards and other kitchen furniture that may be located close to your gas hob.

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Ensure that the space where your gas hob is located has adequate ventilation, making sure all windows and doors are securely closed to prevent any air from entering and causing a hazardous accumulation of fumes or gases. Ensuring no air enters the area where your gas hob is located by securely shutting windows and doors is vital to avert a hazardous accumulation of vapours or gases in your dwelling.

It’s also important to consider how much heat will be generated by the gas hob when cooking food on it – if too much heat builds up around cupboards then this can lead to warping or even fire hazards over time. To avoid this risk, try positioning your cupboard further away from the direct heat source of your gas hob (at least 15cm) or opt for one with more insulation, such as double-glazed glass doors or metal cabinets with adequate ventilation built into them.

Finally, it is essential to ensure that any electrical appliances connected directly to the same power supply as your gas hob are equipped with their own circuit breakers. This will help avoid potential fires due to short circuits caused by faulty wiring or overloaded circuits, which can arise when multiple appliances are running concurrently from one outlet point.

It is important to consider the safety implications when deciding how close a gas hob can be placed to a cupboard. The next heading will explore what risks are associated with having a gas hob too close to a cupboard and provide tips on avoiding potential hazards.

Key Takeaway: The UK Building Regulations 2010 require combustible materials to be kept a minimum of 30cm from any open flame, such as a gas hob. Furthermore, there should be adequate ventilation in the area and cupboards should ideally be positioned further away (15cm) to avoid heat build-up and potential fire hazards. Additionally, all electrical appliances connected to the same power supply as your gas hob must have their own circuit breakers for safety reasons.

What are the Risks of Having a Gas Hob Too Close to a Cupboard?

When it comes to gas hobs, the UK regulations are very clear: there must be a minimum of 30cm between any combustible material and the hob. This includes cupboards, as they can easily catch fire if too close to a hot hob. It’s also important that you don’t store anything flammable above or behind your hob either.

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The main risk of having a gas hob too close to a cupboard is fire. As we all know, heat rises – so when you turn on your gas hob, this could cause the temperature inside the cupboard to rise significantly enough for something inside it (like fabric) to ignite and cause an uncontrollable blaze in no time at all.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is another major risk associated with having a gas hob too close to a cupboard – especially if there’s insufficient ventilation around it. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless toxic gas which can build up in poorly ventilated areas like these and lead to serious health issues such as headaches, nausea and even death in extreme cases.

Finally, one more thing worth mentioning here is that when you have items stored within 30cm of your hot gas hob they can become damaged due to excessive heat exposure over time – think melted plastic containers or warped wooden boards for example. Ensure that any items are kept far from the heat of a gas hob, to prevent damage caused by long-term exposure.

FAQs in Relation to How Close Can a Gas Hob Be to a Cupboard

How much clearance do you need around a gas hob?

It is recommended to leave a minimum clearance of at least 75mm around the sides and back of a gas hob. Providing adequate air circulation and access to any rear-located valves or controls, a minimum clearance of 75mm around the sides and back of a gas hob is essential. Furthermore, it is important to check with your local building regulations regarding specific clearances required in your area before installation. In addition, be sure to read through all manufacturer’s instructions carefully prior to use and keep combustible materials such as curtains away from heat sources when cooking.

How high should a cupboard be above a gas hob?

The ideal height for a cupboard above a gas hob is at least 750mm (2 feet, 5 inches). This ensures that the heat from the hob does not cause any damage to the cupboard or its contents. It also allows you enough space to safely operate and maintain your gas hob without risking burns or other injuries. Additionally, having adequate clearance between your cupboard and your gas hob will help ensure proper ventilation of combustible materials in order to prevent fires.

Can you have a cupboard above a gas hob?

It is not recommended to have a cupboard above a gas hob due to the risk of fire. The heat generated by the gas hob could cause any combustible materials, such as wood or cardboard, in the cupboard above it to catch fire. This would be particularly dangerous if there were items stored inside that could fuel an even larger blaze. Furthermore, having a cupboard too close to the hob may reduce ventilation and increase carbon monoxide levels within your home. For these reasons, it is best practice not to install any type of storage unit directly over a gas hob for safety reasons.

How close can a hob be to a tall cupboard?

The exact distance between a hob and tall cupboard will depend on the type of hob being used. It is recommended to keep a distance of at least 75mm (3 inches) between the hob and any combustible material such as cupboards or walls, with an additional air gap of 50mm (2 inches) for ventilation. Additionally, there should be an air gap of 50mm (2 inches) behind the appliance for ventilation purposes. To ensure safety and efficiency, always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions before installation.


Ensuring the appliance is not situated too near to any cabinets is vital for safety. To ensure your home and family are safe, always adhere to the guidelines set out by your local authority when fitting or replacing any gas appliances – so you know exactly how close can a gas hob be to a cupboard.

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