How Do Adjustable Beds Work

Does an adjustable bed work the same way as a standard bed? For example, can you change your sleeping position more easily with adjustable bed bases and work with the same sheets and mattress options?

Suppose you’ve been thinking of investing in an adjustable bed for a while now. In that case, the first step is understanding how adjustable beds work. The right bed can give you a better night’s sleep and significantly reduce your issues with pain and discomfort. First, however, you need to know how your adjustable bed works if you want to take full advantage of its features.

Here’s your ultimate guide to the adjustable bed.

How Does an Adjustable Bed Base Work?

The core of an adjustable bed is an adjustable base. This is the part of the bed that controls your sleeping position and assists with various aches and pains.

Most adjustable bed bases come with a remote control that allows you to change your position, raise your head, or even get out of bed more easily. The purpose of an adjustable bed base is to address various problems that may harm your quality of sleep. For example, you can access pain relief from issues like acid reflux and reduce the risk of different medical conditions. This includes sleep apnea, overcoming back pain by lying in better positions, and more.

The biggest difference between the best adjustable bed and the standard bed frame is that an adjustable bed base comes with joints that allow movement. The sleeping surface is where your mattress rests, while the joints in the bed will enable the base to move separately from the mattress.

Each joint in your adjustable bed offers new ways to adapt your sleeping patterns. For example, you can use the adjustable component to raise your legs and feet if you have bad circulation. Raised legs and feet are excellent for reducing pressure in the lower half of your feet. This can reduce lower back problems, water retention, and other health issues.

If you want to raise your head and neck, your adjustable bed can put you in the best position to watch TV or work on a laptop. Your remote could even allow you to adjust your position just enough to reduce snoring.

What Can You Support With an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed base comes with many benefits for people with health conditions or issues with their quality of life caused by medical problems. For example, it’s easier to get up if you use a remote to raise your body upwards while angling your feet and legs towards the floor.

Adjusting your bed’s features can also help you move into positions that offer relief from your joint and back pains. Most adjustable beds come with lifting and lowering adjustment components to improve comfort and circulation. Most people recommend these products for people with poor motor control, arthritis, and circulation issues.

Like many bed types, the frame of your adjustable bed can come in various sizes and unique technology. For example, some beds come with a motor that can raise or drop your body faster than usual. You can also find adjustable beds with a control that offers massage functions to support aches and pains.

Adjustable bed bases are rapidly advancing to new technologies. So it’s no wonder that using this kind of bed can get you a better night’s sleep.

How Do You Control Adjustable Beds?

Twin-sized Adjustable bed

The benefits of an adjustable bed come from altering the adjustable base according to your needs. The control features for your adjustable beds will depend on the kind of bed frame you get. Most products come with a control that allows you to change sleeping positions by raising your upper body or lower body to a certain degree.

Your remote control means you can quickly move your body into different sleeping positions, even if you don’t have the best mobility. All the joints in your bed are motorized, and you can keep the bed plugged in at all times, so you can adjust your position and sleep quality throughout the night.

The remote control for your adjustable bed might come with pre-set positions for you to try depending on where you want to remove pressure from your body. For instance, there may be a setting for extra head support or raised legs to improve your circulation. In addition, you can speak to your doctor about how to adjust your sleeping and lifestyle to benefit your condition.

Will Any Mattress Work With an Adjustable Bed?

One of the biggest challenges most people face when shopping for an adjustable bed is finding mattresses that fit. You’ll need to think about the weight of the mattress and how easily it can move from a flat to a bent position when you use your remote control. Extensive pressure on a mattress can cause damage over time.

Most adjustable beds come with a list included in the instructions that show you the range of mattresses you can potentially choose from with your new technology. For example, memory foam mattresses might be ideal for this kind of bed frame. That’s because a memory foam mattress can adapt to your sleeping position and bed frame more than a firm spring mattress.

Any regular mattress with a solid base will not work with an adjustable base. Therefore, it’s essential to look at the base of your beds and mattresses and see how they fit before you invest in a new solution for better sleep. Also, remember that some mattress options won’t return to their regular shape if you keep the bed frame in an awkward position for too long.

After you’ve spent the night swapping between different sleeping positions for your lower and upper body, it might be worth returning your mattress to a flat position. But, of course, you can always use your remote control to adjust your mattress to the best position when you’re ready to fall asleep again.

Do You Need Special Sheets for an Adjustable Bed?

Swapping regular mattresses for memory foam mattresses isn’t the only thing you need to consider when using adjustable beds. Once you’ve found a mattress that works with your adjustable base, you need to consider your bedding too. Adjustable beds move your mattress around during the night. This means these beds will often shift normal sheets around, disturbing your sleep.

The best sheets for your adjustable bed mattresses are the ones that can stick to the mattress and bed well with plenty of elastic. A range of elasticated fitted sheets will often benefit your bed more than standard folding sheets. Think about the depth of your sheets too. When you’re sleeping with your legs in a raised position, for instance, the bed’s mobility will tug on the sheet.

Having plenty of depth in your sheets should ensure that the rest of your bedding doesn’t get pulled off the mattress in the middle of the night. Also, you don’t want a sheet tied around your foot, for it will be difficult to get out of your bed when you’re ready to wake up.

Don’t forget to consider the quality of the sheets too. The sheets in your adjustable bed will get a lot of wear and tear. If you’re a person with a higher weight or have an adjustable bed with massage features, you may need a more durable sheet. That’s because you’re likely to sweat more in bed, which will cause damage to the sheet faster.

Make sure that you choose a good, strong fabric capable of providing both comfort and durability when you’re sitting or sleeping on your bed.

Buying Your Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed can help promote good rest by eliminating all kinds of pain, improving mobility, and enhancing nightly comfort. A wide range of beds is designed to suit people with different weight requirements, comfort issues, and health problems. For example, you could find an adjustable bed that won’t wake you as often during the night or makes you up if your partner is snoring.

Of course, finding the right adjustable bed is a subjective process. First, you’ll need to consider what kind of support you need for your head and legs. You might also want to consider extra features, like head-raising functionality, massage buttons, and heating.

Additionally, you’ll need to get your head around finding the right mattress for your adjustable bed. A regular mattress with a box spring base won’t give you the flexibility you need for your adjustable base. Remember:

• Get the right mattress: A memory foam mattress will reduce the risk of damaging the adjustable base of your bedding when you’re looking for the best sleeping position.

• Prioritize simplicity: You shouldn’t have to struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Look for adjustable beds with all the features you need, including massage and convenient remote control.

• Follow the instructions: Check the instructions with your adjustable beds before you start setting them up. The manual will advise you on the proper way of setting up your bed and what to do if there are any functionality problems.

• Speak to your doctor: Once you understand how adjustable beds work, you’ll also need to know how to adjust your bed correctly for your condition. Your doctor can offer advice on how to get the best sleep.

• Experiment with positions: Remember that you can experiment with different sleeping positions on your adjustable bed to find out what works best for you.

Making the Most Of Adjustable Beds

So, how do adjustable beds work? Initially, they give you a better quality of sleep by ensuring you can adjust your bed’s position whenever you choose. So, whether you want to improve foot circulation or reduce back pain with more spinal support, an adjustable bed is perfect for you. They are easy to use and ideal for all kinds of conditions.

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