how much does it cost to install a water softener in the uk

If you and your family have been feeling the negative effects of hard water recently, you may have been considering installing a water-softening system. These products can offer an efficient way to alleviate the problems connected with hard water, from bad taste to itchy skin and hair.

According to reports, around 13 million homes throughout the UK currently have hard water. In other words, the water in their taps includes extra deposits of substances like calcium and magnesium, which can damage internal pipes, causing various other issues.

But how much does it cost to install a water softener in the UK? In the long term, buying a water softener can save you money by ensuring devices like dishwashers, boilers, and washing machines can last longer, improving their efficiency. However, there is a significant initial cost associated with purchasing a water softener and having it installed by a professional.

Do You Need to Pay for a Water Softener Installation?

In most cases, when you have a water softener installed at home, you’ll be paying for a number of different things at once. First, you have to cover the cost of the actual device. This will depend on factors like the size of your system and your chosen brand.

You’ll also pay for the expertise of an individual who can come and connect your water softener to your plumbing system and electricity. While it is possible to install a water softener on your own in some cases, it does require some basic DIY knowledge.

If you’re not comfortable tapping into your plumbing and following the instructions provided with your water softener to ensure everything is connected properly, it’s usually a good idea to seek professional assistance. Making a mistake with your water softener installation could mean you end up with an expensive leak or other problems.

When you pay for an installation team to set up your water softener for you, a professional will come to your house and discuss where the softener is going to be installed before turning off your water supply and connecting the system.

Paying for an installer to complete the service will also ensure you don’t have to spend extra on specialist tools for cutting pipes and ensuring the lines are running effectively.

The Factors Affecting the Cost of Installing a Water Softener

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Numerous factors will determine how much it costs to install an effective water softener in your home. The first and most important factor is the type of water softener you choose. Different products can be more expensive, as they have greater capacity and unique features.

Although some more efficient and powerful models can be more expensive initially, they can save you some money in the long run by reducing your water softener’s monthly cost output for things like salt, energy, and maintenance. Other factors which influence installation costs include:

  • The installation company: Different companies can charge different prices for their services and support. Some companies will even allow you to sign up for long-term maintenance agreements, so you have someone you can call for help if anything goes wrong with your system. However, this service can often cost more than a standard installation.
  • The size of the machine: The size of your water softener and the complexity of the unit will influence how long it takes to install. The more time a professional needs to spend implementing your system, the more you’re likely to pay for the installation.
  • Other fees: If you need your installation team to help you connect your water softener filters or fill your system with salt, they may charge extra. Some companies will also provide these services as standard.

Water Softener Monthly Cost and Other Fees

Remember that the cost associated with installing your water softener won’t be the only thing you need to take into account when you’re budgeting for your new appliance. Typically, the installation fee will be charged separately from the cost of the device itself, so you’ll need to make sure you consider how much you’ll spend on the initial system too.

You should also consider the monthly costs of running your water softener. For instance, you’ll need to regularly clean your system and fill the brine tank with salt. A bag of salt can cost around £40 per month, depending on how much water you use.

You may need to pay for maintenance of your system from time to time, so it’s worth looking for a product with a good warranty. As your product gets older, there’s a higher chance it may suffer from faults and errors, requiring you to seek professional assistance.

In some cases, people using water softeners also find that they use a lot more water than they would while their water is still hard. This could mean your annual water bill increases slightly; however, the change shouldn’t be too significant for most people.

Can You Save Money on Water Softener Installation?

Perhaps the most effective way to save money on having a water softener installed by a professional is to complete the installation yourself. However, it’s worth noting not everyone will feel comfortable taking this path, as installing a water softener can be a complex process. If you don’t know your way around basic plumbing and electrical tools, it’s best to hire a professional.

If you don’t want to risk installing your own water softener, there may be other ways to cut the installation costs. For instance, some companies will give you a discount on the installation fee if you also purchase maintenance support and the water softener unit itself from the same brand. Additionally, you can consider comparing quotes from different providers before choosing the ideal installation company to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

You can reduce the cost of running your water softener in the long term by using and maintaining it carefully. Ensure you utilise the right salt for the regeneration system, and regularly clean your water softener to prevent substances from building up and causing issues. Most water softener machines come with step-by-step instructions on performing maintenance and cleaning cycles, so you can keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

It’s also worth being mindful of your water use and cutting it down wherever possible to keep your water costs to a minimum.

How Much on Average Does It Cost to Have a Softener Installed?

So, how much does it cost to have a water softener installed in the UK? According to some studies in the UK, the average single cylinder will cost around £500 for the unit, while a twin cylinder system can cost around £1,600. The installation itself will usually be £350 on average, depending on how complicated it is.

Although this might seem expensive initially, it’s worth noting that having a water softener installed can help you to save money in the long run. A water softener can be a cost-effective investment. It can reduce the never-ending costs associated with battling limescale and stain build-up. It also means you should be able to avoid replacing appliances too quickly because they’ve been damaged by hard water.

Since the price of water softeners and water softener installation can vary, it’s worth exploring the market and getting quotes from different vendors before you commit to a single solution. This should help to ensure you get a cost-effective service.

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