How to use a hand mixer

If you’ve ever wondered how to use a hand mixer effectively, you’re in the right place. Hand mixers are highly versatile and impressive tools, perfect for making a range of foods. The right-hand mixer will help you to prepare all kinds of foods, from bread and pizza dough to batter for cake, and so much more. You can even use a hand mixer for whipping cream.

However, getting the best results from your hand mixer means knowing how to use the product correctly. Today, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your device, with basic guidance and tips on how to use a hand mixer correctly.

Top Tips When You Use a Hand Mixer

Most people assume that the toughest part of using hand mixers is finding the right one for their mixing needs. It can be tough to find the perfect mixer initially, and it’s worth remembering that even the best machine won’t deliver the right results if you don’t know how to use it.

Use the Instructions

The first step in learning how to use a hand mixer is always reading the instructions. Your power mixer or beaters should always come with a manual. This manual will show you how to use each speed on your mixers, what kind of whisk attachments you need for different meals, and so on. Your manual can also give you instructions on how to avoid making a mess by placing your mixer correctly in your bowl.

Reading through the instructions will ensure you know how to use all parts of your mixing machine correctly to blend ingredients. You should also reduce your risk of breaking your mixer and its accessories by using the wrong beater for the wrong kind of dough.

Learn How to Clean

Learning how to clean an electric device like a hand mixer can be a complex process. Don’t simply dump your mixer in a sink with hot water like you would any bowl or plate. If you throw your product straight into liquid, you could damage the internal components, like the motor. Keep the wire and cords away from water to protect your device from damage.

The instructions included with your kitchen mixer should come with advice on how to use a button to release the accessories from your mixer so you can wash these separately. You can also wipe over the outside of the mixer as a final step before putting it away for storage. Always remove the plug from the wall outlet before you start cleaning.

Examine All the Functions

Most hand mixers come with accessories that offer a range of benefits when attached to your device. If you can master these accessories, you can achieve various great outcomes and make everything from dough to cake and scrambled eggs. Check your instructions for insights into the kind of accessories you get with your purchase for free.

For instance, you’re going to need a dough hook if you want to make eggs, but a basic whisk attachment you’d use for a stand mixer is ideal for whipping and mixing wet ingredients like eggs and milk. Wired beaters are great for aeration, while simple beaters can achieve a range of outcomes. If you want to ensure you get your desired results every time, get to grips with how each attachment works and how you should use them.

For safety purposes, it’s also a good idea to find out how to remove and implement the accessories carefully. Always avoid trying to jam the accessories into the tool when they don’t seem to fit. Unplug your beater before you try removing the beaters with your fingers to avoid any accidents.

Store and Maintain Your Hand Mixer

Like most electric kitchen utensils, a hand mixer can only deliver the best results if you’re storing and maintaining it correctly. You’ve probably seen ads for special storage boxes where you can place your accessories when you’re not cooking with them. For the main part, however, you need to make sure you keep your machine, beaters, and other components clean and safe.

Remove the whisk attachments after using them, and don’t try to create any complicated dough or batters with the wrong kind of tool. Remove and replace components carefully and avoid turning the speeds up too high too quickly. It can damage your mixing bowl and lead to a messier mix.

When not in use, remove the attachments for your hand mixer and keep it unplugged. It shouldn’t have an electric charge going into the body of the device unless you’re mixing something. Storing your device correctly with the whisk or beater elements removed is a good idea.

Learn How to Speed

One of the toughest parts of learning how to use a hand mixer correctly is knowing which speeds to use and when. A hand mixer can be a very powerful tool, capable of mixing ingredients with incredible speed. However, that doesn’t mean you should place the hand mixer into the bowl when it’s already whirring as fast as it can.

Build up Speed

The best hand mixers work well when you gradually increase the speed, following the instructions included for the mixing you want to do. For instance, if you mix a heavy dough, you’ll need to mix with the beaters moving slowly to avoid breaking the attachments. As you blend and the ingredients come together, you can gradually increase the power and speed.

Use Slow Speed

When using your hand mixer, remember that slow speeds are intended for hard ingredients like heavy dough. You can use slightly faster mixing speeds and power if you’re using an attachment for creating pancake batter or cake batter for cooking. Use the speeds correctly if you’re concerned about the safety of your mixer.

Don’t Go Too Fast

Remember that turning the speed up too fast can mean you lose control of the device, even with a basic motor in play. It isn’t easy to hold onto a product that’s moving at rapid speeds. Get used to the motor and the hand mixer slowly, starting with a slow speed and gradually turning the performance up as you go. If you notice something isn’t working as it should be, turn the device off at the power before pressing the button to free the wire beaters or whisks.

Adding Ingredients

Most of the time, the recipe you get to make your desired food will come with some guidance on how to use your kitchen utensils correctly. If you have a free recipe that doesn’t offer tips for your hand mixer services, show caution. A hand mixer, unlike a stand mixer, relies heavily on your strength. However, it does give you more control over what you make.

Don’t Add All at Once

Don’t add all ingredients into your bowl at once, and expect your device to blend the wet and dry ingredients carefully. After you plug your device in, take the recipe step by step. You can usually begin by combining wet ingredients, and then gradually adding dry ingredients like flour. As the electric mixer blends the ingredients, it will become easier to use.

Working With Children and General Safety

If you’re going to allow your kids to experiment with the mixer at slow speeds, make sure they have good control over the body of the electric mixer and that their fingers are far away from the whisking attachments for safety. Once you’re done making your mix, always remove the beaters before allowing your children anywhere near them. Some children dry to lick mixers when making cake and cookie dough. However, this can be dangerous.

How to Use a Hand Mixer: Step by Step

The best hand mixer is an excellent investment if you want to save time in the kitchen. These electric mixers are perfect for creating all kinds of doughs and batters faster than you could be hand.

Step 1: Choose and Attach the Right Accessories

Find the right beaters for your mixer and slot them into the body of the device carefully. Unplug your mixer before you do this if it’s already plugged in. It will avoid accidents.

Step 2: Place Your Beater Into the Bowl

Put the beater into the bowl with the whisk components submerged slightly into the ingredients. Pressing the whisks against the bowl can cause it to move aggressively. Only once your mixers are in the bowl can you turn the mixer on.

Step 3: Turn the Speed up Slowly

If you need to turn the speed up, don’t rush in, excited by ads that claim an incredible mixing power. Turn the speed up a small amount at a time. Make sure you’re comfortable with the speed you use before you go any higher.

Step 4: Turn the Speed Down Slowly

You can also gradually reduce the speed when you’re done mixing to help get the excess dough or batter off the beaters.

Step 5: Unplug the Device

Unplug your hand mixer before you press the button to free the accessories from the body of the device. Remove the accessories and place them in a sink so they can soak.

Step 6: Clean Your Mixer

Use a wet cloth or wipe to get rid of any food that’s landed on your mixer. Do not place the device in any water. Leave your machine to dry before you store it in a safe place.

Recipes With a Hand Mixer

What can you make with a hand mixer? When you know how to use hand mixers correctly, you can begin to search for some interesting recipes and dishes to try.

Use Accessories

Keep in mind that there are many recipes out there with ads for extra accessories and tools you may not need to make your meal. The good thing about hand mixers is how versatile they are. If you do buy accessories, make sure they’ll fit your chosen hand mixer before you invest.

Try Different Recipes

There are plenty of things you can make with a hand mixer, including meringue, cake, and countless other sweet and savoury treats. Some people even use their hand mixers for making things like sauces for pasta.

Heavy Batter

There are many great dishes and ingredients you can make with a hand mixer. Although a stand mixer will often do a similar job, they’re usually more expensive. However, stand mixers might be worth considering if you mix a lot of heavy batters, like cookies or bread.

Soft Ingredients

Hand mixers are often best suited for softer ingredients, like batter for a cake, pancake batter, whipped cream, or even the frosting that you put on your cakes. You can sometimes make things like bread and pizza dough with a hand mixer, but make sure you have the right accessories in advance. You should be able to find ads for dough hooks that could work to make your mixer more powerful.

Making the Most Of Your Hand Mixer

Knowing how to use a hand mixer correctly will help you to get the best results from every recipe. What’s more, it’s best to learn how to maintain and store it properly to lengthen its life. With so many free recipes today, it’s easy to create a stunning selection of excellent foods with the right-hand mixer. Remember, take it slow when you’re first beginning to use your mixer, and work your way up to complex recipes when you feel more confident.

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