How to Wash a Latex Pillow

A latex pillow is a great way to manage your allergies while you sleep. But like any other pillows, latex pillows need to be cleaned regularly to make sure they will last much longer.

If you don’t clean your pillow regularly, it will collect debris, dust, body oils and dandruff, and be a home for dust mites. This build-up will eventually affect your sleep patterns, and you’ll find it difficult to wake up after a restless night. But you can’t just throw your latex pillow into the washing machine and hope for the best.

Latex pillows are different from memory foam pillows and feather pillows, and there are different ways of washing pillows depending on their material and structure. So now, if you’re wondering how to wash a latex pillow, then you’re in the right place.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to wash latex pillows and extra tips for taking care of where you rest your head.

What Do You Need to Wash Your Latex Pillow?

A latex pillow is a hypoallergenic pillow free from chemicals. Therefore, you are going to need special supplies to wash it properly.

Before washing your bed pillows, it is better that you prepare all your equipment. As we mentioned before, you can’t just put your latex pillow into a washing machine. If you want to make sure that your pillow is washed properly, preparation is key. Here are the things you’re going to need:

  • A big tub or sink filled with water
  • A mild laundry detergent
  • Towels or cloths
  • A flat surface to dry your pillow

How to Spot Clean a Latex Pillow

Follow the steps below to make sure you clean your latex pillow properly:

Step 1: Make Sure You Choose the Right Conditions

Like with any laundry, you want to avoid doing your laundry when cloudy, or it’s raining. This can be especially true when you have to wash clothing that can’t be put into a dryer.

It’s recommended that you wash your pillow on a warm sunny day with a slight breeze. The warm weather will give your latex pillow more time to dry out after you wash it.

Step 2: Fill the Tub and Add Your Washing Solution

When it’s a great day for washing, fill your tub or sink with lukewarm water. Next, add your mild detergent. It is recommended that you use one teaspoon of detergent for every gallon of water.

Step 3: Prepare Your Towels or Cloths

Now, take your towels or cloth and soak them in the soapy water in your tub. When your cloth is thoroughly soaked, you can take it out and wring out some water. It’s important to make sure that there is no excess moisture in your cloth.

Step 4: Clean Your Latex Pillow

Before washing any of your pillows, you should remove the pillowcase. Then, the pillow cover can either be hand washed or put in the washing machine. Either way, it’s best to check the label on your pillow cover.

Once the cover is removed, you can use one of your wet towels or cloths to pat out the dirt, especially where there are stains. You can even use a hoover to remove any debris.

Step 5: Get Rid Of Extra Moisture

After you’ve blotted your pillow clean, you should get some fresh towels. Then set a clean towel on each side of the pillow. You’ll then want to start pressing out any excess water that the latex might have absorbed.

Step 6: Dry Your Pillow on a Flat Surface

Latex pillow in a chair

Once you’ve made sure that there isn’t extra water left on the latex pillow, it’s time to let it dry.

Important: You must let it dry out naturally. You could use a portable fan to make sure that there is proper air circulation. The fan will also help speed up the process.

Step 7: Add Pillowcase and Enjoy

Once your pillow is dry, you can add a freshly washed cover to your latex pillow. Using a removable pillowcase with your pillow will help keep it clean and fresh for longer.

How to Deep Clean a Latex Pillow

Memory foam and latex pillows can get stained just as easily as any other pillow, and spot cleaning won’t prevent dust mites, either. Sometimes your pillow may require a deep cleaning to get rid of those stubborn marks and smells.

Step 1 and 2: Prepare the Solution

Follow steps one and two above as if you were planning to spot clean your pillows. Next, use a mild detergent and fill your sink with warm water, ready for the process.

Step 3: Submerge Your Pillow

Instead of submerging the towels, put your pillow into the liquid detergent mixture and apply gentle pressure to move the warm water through the foam. Please leave it in there for at least 10 minutes to let it soak.

Step 4: Rinse It Out

Remove your pillow from the water and rinse it thoroughly with cold water until the water runs clear and there are no more suds. You may need to replace the bucket with clean water several times to get the job done. It’s important to remove all of the soap as this can be an irritant to your skin if it remains within the latex foam.

Remove any excess water by applying gentle pressure and squeezing the water from the foam. Avoid wringing the foam as the twisting motion can rip and ruin its structure.

Step 5: Air Dry

Air drying won’t only be good for quickly drying your pillow, but it will also eliminate any existing stinky smells. This will also make sure that your pillow doesn’t end up stale.

Try to avoid direct sunlight, and don’t put your pillow on a radiator as the heat can negatively affect the latex foam. Once it is fully dry, replace your pillowcase and get ready for a night of great sleep.

Removing Bad Smells

You can use baking soda to help remove bad smells. For example, you can scatter some baking soda on the surface and let it sit for about two hours.

Use a vacuum to get all the baking soda off your pillow before settling down for the night.

Extra Useful Tips for Keeping Your Pillow Clean

Just like anything else that we use in our daily lives, there are certain things that we need to do to keep our pillows clean.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make sure that you have a good night’s sleep with a clean pillow:

  • Follow the instructions on the care tag.
  • Always hand wash and never machine wash pillows unless stated otherwise in the care instructions.
  • NEVER squeeze or crumple your pillow in any way because this could affect the shape of your foam pillow.
  • Make sure that your pillow is completely dry before you intend to sleep on it.
  • Use a removable pillowcase to protect your foam pillow from sweat, stains and other debris.
  • You should also avoid eating and drinking on your bed near your pillow. Any crumbs and dropped food can attract bacteria that can irritate your allergies.

Can You Wash Your Latex Pillow in a Washing Machine?

Putting your latex pillows in the tumble dryer is not a recommended solution unless it says otherwise on the care tag.

Don’t be confused with other types, such as feather pillows or buckwheat pillows that can be washed and dried in a machine. However, if you can use a washing machine to wash your latex foam pillow, it’s often recommended to use a gentle cycle and low heat.

Even though latex is a durable material, drying it in a machine could harm the shape and even the size of your latex pillows.

Cleaning Latex Pillows Is Easy to Do

Just like any other pillow, there are certain things you need to do to make sure that your latex pillow stays clean and has a long life. It’s not necessary to put it in a washer; you can hand wash your pillow using a small amount of detergent and water so that it stays fresh for a good night’s sleep.

Regularly washing your latex pillows will not only ensure that they last longer, but will also help prevent allergies so you can sleep easily. Now you know how to wash a latex pillow. There’s no reason now you should suffer from another night of restless sleep!

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