what do you put in a toilet brush holder

Toilet brushes are a handy cleaning tool that helps to keep your hands out of the toilet bowl. You may still want to use rubber gloves to clean your toilet, but a brush is still a big help when it comes to keeping your toilet sanitary.

Most toilet brushes come with a handy holder or case to have the tool out of the way in your bathroom when not in use. So, what do you put in a toilet brush holder besides the tool itself? How do you ensure your brush is clean and hygienic? Continue reading to learn the answers to these questions, as well as a few cleaning tips.

Using Your Toilet Brush the Right Way

Should I Put Bleach In My Toilet Brush Holder?

While bleach is an effective way to clean and get rid of germs, even on your container, it is not recommended you store it in the bottom. More often than not, the container that holds your brush will be made of metal or a thin cheap plastic with rubber depending on the style. Keeping a pool of bleach inside can deteriorate the materials rapidly and significantly reduce the life of the tool overall.

Should Any Liquid Go In Your Toilet Brush Holder?

Ok, so bleach is frowned upon. Is another liquid better for the base of your toilet brush container? Actually, no. It is best if your toilet brush and its container are kept as dry as possible. Bacteria and mould love to grow in wet, dark places and hate drier areas. Avoid creating a hospitable home for them by not having a pool of liquid beneath the brush.

If you really want to add something, the only thing that might be advisable is a couple of drops of essential oil or fragrance oil. You can use tea tree oil, peppermint oil, or any citrus oil. The crisp, strong and clean fragrance is ideal for masking odour.

How to Easily Clean Your Toilet Brush

Your health and wellness are the main reasons you clean your toilet or any part of your home. The first thing to remember is that you can not clean anything with a dirty tool. So, how do you ensure your toilet brush and storage container are hygienic? You clean them, of course! Unfortunately, cleaning your brush often gets overlooked, but it is actually quite an easy process and keeps the head of your brush cleaner and usable for a greater amount of time.

There are two quick and easy ways to clean your toilet brush and its holding container.

Method 1: Spray with Disinfectant

The first method involves simply spraying the plastic bristles thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner or soap. You could even use hydrogen peroxide. Allow the cleaner to sit for ten minutes in a well-drained place. We like putting the tip of the handle under the clean toilet seat, which holds it in place and allows it to drain into the bowl below. When enough time has passed, rinse the brush in hot water and wipe down the inside of the holder with a paper towel or clean cloth and you are all set.

Method 2: Soak It

The second method involves soaking the brush and the holding container in a bucket of bleach or another kind of eco-friendly cleaner. Fill a bucket with water and add the appropriate amount of bleach. The label will have clear recommendations for proper dilution. Let the cleaning tools soak for about an hour or possibly overnight. Then pour out the bleach and rinse the brush and case with hot water for at least 30 seconds. When they are completely dry, place them back in their container and tuck them away for storage.

FAQs About Sanitising Your Brush and Holder

How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet Brush and Holder?

You may not need to thoroughly clean your toilet brush cleaner every time you clean the toilet, but you should still do it regularly. Depending on how many people you live with and how much use your toilet gets, you may want to start cleaning your toilet brush once per week. One sure sign that indicates it is time to clean your toilet brush is a bad odour or discolouration on the bristles.

How Can You Rinse your Brush after Use?

A quick and easy way to wash your brush, which may prolong the time between deeper cleanings, doesn’t involve any additional supplies. Flush your toilet after scrubbing, and then rinse the brush’s plastic bristles in clean toilet water. Then stick the handle under the toilet seat a bit and against the rim to allow it to drip dry into the toilet bowl.

Where Do You Store Your Toilet Brush?

We recommend you store tools like your plunger and toilet bowl brush close to the toilet itself. That way, the next time you go to use it, it will be close by.

If you happen to have a laundry closet in your bathroom or a large space under your sink for storage, you may be able to place your toilet brush in one of these locations or around that area at the very least. Otherwise, you may find you start to scrub your toilet less and less.

Keeping Your Toilet and Brush Hygienic

So, what do you put in a toilet brush holder? Aside from the brush itself, nothing unless you want to add a pleasant fragrance or smell to your bathroom. In this case, you can add a few drops of fragrant oil. It is better to leave the brush container empty and clean the brush handle, brush, and case at least once a week.

Using either a disinfectant or a bleach solution in a plastic bucket to keep them free from germs and bacteria will make your cleaning tools last longer. What’s more, it will ensure you have a hygienic toilet brush ready for use whenever you need them. Lastly, there’s always the option to replace them when they’ve been used for several years.

Do you have more tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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