why does my electric wall heater make a clicking noise

Does your electric wall heater make a clicking noise? If you’ve ever heard an annoying, persistent click coming from your wall heater and wondered what it was or if something is wrong with it, then this blog post is for you. From the dangers of that sound to ways to prevent it – we’ll cover everything related to the question, “why does my electric wall heater make a clicking noise?” so you can rest easy knowing exactly what’s causing those clicks.

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What Causes Electric Wall Heaters to Click?

Electric wall heaters are a popular choice for many UK households due to their efficiency and convenience. Unfortunately, they can sometimes make strange clicking noises that can be quite disconcerting.

The most common cause of clicking from electric wall heaters is loose parts or components. This could include screws, nuts, bolts, or other fasteners that have become loose over time and are now rattling around inside the heater’s casing. It may also be caused by faulty wiring within the heater itself or incorrect installation of the unit.

In some cases, it could even be caused by something as simple as dust accumulation on the internal components of your electric wall heater. Dust particles can build up over time and cause short circuits in electrical systems which then result in a clicking sound when electricity passes through them at high speed.

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It is essential to bear in mind that if any strange noises are heard coming from an electric wall heater, it should not be overlooked as this could indicate a potential issue with its construction or operation which needs to be addressed promptly so as to avoid further damage or harm.

If you suspect there is an issue with your electric wall heater then it is essential to contact a qualified professional who will be able to diagnose and repair any problems quickly and safely. This way, you can avoid further damage or harm and no longer have to worry about hearing those annoying clicks.

The clicking noise from electric wall heaters is usually caused by a worn-out part or loose wiring. However, it’s important to determine whether this clicking sound is dangerous before attempting any repairs. In the next section, we’ll explore if this type of noise poses any safety risks.

Is Clicking from an Electric Wall Heater Dangerous?

Clicking from an electric wall heater can be a cause for concern, as it could indicate a malfunction or other issue that needs to be addressed. It’s important to understand the potential risks associated with this type of clicking noise in order to keep your home and family safe.

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The most common risk is a fire hazard. If the clicking sound is coming from a loose connection inside the heater, it could lead to arcing and sparking which can create heat buildup and eventually start a fire. This is especially true if there are combustible materials near the heater such as curtains or furniture.

Another risk associated with clicking electric wall heaters is electrical shock hazards due to exposed wiring or loose connections within the unit itself. If you hear any kind of buzzing, humming, crackling, or popping noises coming from your electric wall heater then you should immediately turn off power at the circuit breaker box and call an electrician for help before attempting any repairs yourself.

In addition to these two main dangers, there may be other causes of the clicking noise coming from your electric wall heater. These could include faulty components such as switches or thermostats that need replacing; overheating due to lack of airflow; worn out bearings in fan motors; debris stuck in blower wheels; improper voltage levels being supplied by your electrical system and more. It is important to note that all of these issues require professional attention and should not be attempted as DIY repairs unless you have experience working on electrical appliances.

Although clicking from an electric wall heater is not usually dangerous, it can still be a nuisance. To help prevent this noise, take a look at the tips in the next section.

Key Takeaway: Clicking from an electric wall heater can be a cause for concern and may indicate a malfunction or other issue that needs to be addressed. 

How Can I Prevent My Electric Wall Heater From Clicking?

If so, it can be quite concerning. But don’t worry—it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the heater.

In most cases, the clicking sound is caused by loose parts in the unit or improper installation of the device. To prevent this issue, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your electric wall heater runs smoothly and safely:

Check for Loose Parts:

Before turning on your electric wall heater, check for any loose screws or bolts inside the unit. If any are found, tighten them up as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the appliance. Additionally, make sure all of its components (including wiring) are securely connected and not damaged in any way.

Ensure Proper Installation:

Improperly installed heaters can cause them to click when they turn on due to an imbalance in their electrical system. Therefore, it’s important that you have a professional install your electric wall heater if you haven’t already done so yourself—this will help ensure that everything is set up correctly and running efficiently without making strange noises.

Clean Regularly:

Over time dust and debris can accumulate inside an electric wall heater which could lead to it clicking when turned on due to lack of airflow or overheating issues. To prevent this from happening regularly clean out all vents within the unit using a vacuum cleaner attachment or compressed air nozzle at least once every six months depending on how often it’s used.

Lastly, but certainly not least, always keep up with regular maintenance checks for your electric wall heater. This includes checking filters monthly and replacing them annually if necessary, as well as other general upkeep tasks such as lubricating moving parts. Doing so will help keep things running smoothly while also extending its lifespan significantly.

Key Takeaway: To prevent electric wall heaters from making clicking noises, make sure all parts are securely connected and installed properly, clean out the vents regularly, and keep up with regular maintenance checks.

FAQs in Relation to Why Does My Electric Wall Heater Make a Clicking Noise

Why is my electric wall heater making a clicking noise?

If your electric wall heater is making a clicking noise, it could be due to a few different issues. Firstly, check if the thermostat is set too high and needs to be adjusted. Secondly, make sure that all of the wiring connections are secure and tight. Lastly, it may be an issue with the motor or fan assembly; in this case you should contact a qualified technician for repair or replacement. Whatever the cause of the clicking noise, ensure that you take appropriate safety precautions when dealing with electrical appliances such as unplugging them from power sources before attempting any repairs yourself.

How do I stop my electric baseboard heater from clicking?

The clicking sound from electric baseboard heaters is usually caused by loose wiring or a malfunctioning thermostat. To stop the clicking, first, check all of the wiring to make sure it’s properly connected and secure. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the thermostat with a new one. Make sure to turn off the power before attempting any repairs or replacements. Additionally, if your heater has an on/off switch, try switching it off and then back on again as this can sometimes reset the system and stop the clicking noise.


So what’s the real deal in the question, “why does my electric wall heater make a clicking noise?”. In conclusion, electric wall heaters can make a clicking noise due to the expansion and contraction of metal parts. While this is not dangerous, it can be annoying and distracting. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent your electric wall heater from making a clicking noise such as checking for loose screws or replacing worn out parts. So if you’re asking yourself “does my electric wall heater make a clicking noise?” the answer may be yes but with proper maintenance and care, you can help reduce or eliminate it altogether.

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