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How many of you have considered buying an electric knife but changed your mind? You probably believed it would be a good idea but then also thought that cutting meat with a traditional knife is not much more difficult.

This isn’t the case. There are many electric carving knife benefits, and if you regularly enjoy meals with meat or like to make bread, they are invaluable tools! Don’t take our word for it – check out our guide and see all their advantages for yourself.

6 Good Reasons to Get an Electric Carving Knife

So, how can we convince you to invest in an electric knife? Simple – by showing you the benefits. These appliances are fantastic for many reasons and infinitely better than a traditional knife.

They Are Amazing Time Savers

Typically, electric knives are used for carving meat joints as part of a large dinner, right? Something like a Sunday roast. These meals take time and effort to prepare. You can spend hours prepping the food, cooking it, watching your timings, and trying to get everything right.

Do you really want to spend an extra 30 minutes trying to slice through your perfectly cooked turkey as it gets cold? No! Electric knives are amazing time savers and can allow you to quickly carve your meat, so it’s still piping hot on your plate.

They Require Less Manual Effort

Even if you cook your meat perfectly, using traditional knives still requires quite a lot of effort and power. The continuous sawing motion as you try to slice through the food can take a toll on your arm and hand.

No one wants that physical exertion just to slice up a joint! Furthermore, if you have aches and pains or suffer from something like arthritis, using traditional knives may be incredibly difficult.

In contrast, all you have to do with an electric carving knife is switch it on, hold it, and bring it down over the meat in a slicing motion! The manual effort is much less.

They Are Easy to Use

Building on the above point, electric carving knives are really easy to use – despite what people think. Modern electric carving knives are reliable, have tough blades, and have fantastic cutting actions.

You don’t need any experience to use them. Generally, you have to simply plug them in, switch the power on, and apply pressure to the meat or food in a downwards-slicing motion. The electric motor and blades do the hard work for you.

The Cutting Quality Is Superb

We’ve tried slicing meat with a knife, and the results are pretty poor. We always end up with non-uniform slices that range from as thick as a loaf of bread to as thin as a sheet of paper. It’s not pretty! We are sure many of you have similar experiences.

It’s difficult to cut your meat uniformly, even with a sharp knife, as you are too busy with the slicing motion. This is where electric carving knives perform infinitely better.

Due to their ease of use, you can slice through meat without effort. That allows you to concentrate more on the quality and uniformity of your cuts. You can then present neat and consistent portions to your family and friends instead of the usual oddments!

There Is Less Chance of an Accident

You may think this is a weird benefit for an electrical appliance with sharp blades. However, electric knives are much safer than using manual knives.

You don’t have to apply as much pressure or use a sawing motion. You can keep your hand steady, and there is much less chance of slipping or slicing a finger off, for example. The same can’t be said for using a traditional knife.

You Can Use Them to Cut Other Things

Amazing right? Who would have thought it? Yes, you can use your electric knife for more than just slicing your Sunday roast. Examples include:

  • Bread
  • Cake
  • Frozen food

Essentially, anything that comes in a block is soft and difficult to portion. For example, slicing bread with an electric knife is brilliant! Cakes, which can also be tricky to cut sometimes, are a doddle with an electric knife.

Tips for Using Your Electric Carving Knife

sliced turkey on the board

As you can see, there are many benefits to operating an electric knife instead of relying on a traditional one. But how can you use these devices correctly? Check out these simple tips:

  • Clean after each use: Make sure you clean the blades thoroughly after each use to remove grease and meat juice. This will improve their longevity.
  • Make sure the blades are sharp: Regardless of the cutting motion, dull blades are not as effective. Consider investing in a sharpening stone to hone your knife regularly.
  • Let the blade do the work: Many people try to force their electric knife through the meat. Don’t do this. Instead, apply light downward pressure and let the electric motor and blades do the work. You will achieve neater slices as a result.

What Are You Waiting For? Get an Electric Knife Today!

Hopefully, you are now an electric carving knife convert. Don’t continue to make hard work of your roast beef and turkey! Instead, consider all the electric carving knife benefits and invest in one – you won’t regret it when you start drooling over those perfectly sliced pieces of meat!

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