How Do Bladeless Fans Work

There’s nothing like a warm, sunny day where you can go out in nothing but a t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sandals without shivering in the cold. However, too much heat, like too much of anything, is not good. What’s worse is not being able to fall asleep because of getting distracted by a noisy fan in your room.

To help make your life easier, why not consider a bladeless fan? Bladeless fans are equally as effective at cooling a room, even if they don’t appear like standard fans. So how do bladeless fans work, exactly?

The Benefits of Using A Fan

There are many ways in which you can chill and beat the heat. However, have you considered using a fan?

A fan is exactly what you need to keep cool when it’s too hot outside. The steady flow of cool air produced with a fan is enough to cool anyone down to survive even the highest heat. Using a fan is an efficient way of keeping you healthy by regulating the temperature of the air surrounding you.

Not only this, but if you keep a window open, a fan can also circulate fresh air throughout your room and dispel any lingering odours and dust particles, providing cleaner and fresher air.

Being cool can also mean you and your family can get a better night’s sleep, which you will indeed thank us for in the morning! Bladeless fans are not only great at keeping the room cool, but they are also significantly quieter than other fan options.

Types of Fans

In modern times, there are many different types of fans to choose from. Each of these types of fans has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Traditional Fan

The traditional fan was also called the handheld fan. It is a handheld wooden frame, sometimes with a paper screen, in a semi-circular shape that you would need to wave back and forth.

The airflow created by a traditional fan improves evaporation due to its cooling effect. Therefore, it can help in preventing dehydration.

However, this type of fan has several disadvantages. For example, the noise that was produced by the motor in these fans was loud and irritating. Secondly, the flow of air that came from these fans was not sufficient to cool down a room. Also, there was a constant threat of people getting injured by a fan because of their blades.

The Electrical Fan

Technology has come a long way since then and went to the electrical fan. It is powered by an electric motor to create airflow. This fan consisted of a ring of blades nestled inside a metal cage that stood on top of a pedestal.

An electrical fan is better at creating airflow compared to the traditional fan and a lot more convenient.

However, the blades of electric fans pose a danger to people near them, particularly children. It is their main disadvantage.

Bladeless Fan Advantages

Due to these issues, a new type of fan now exists. They are introducing the bladeless fan. Bladeless fans are very powerful and thus maximise the flow of air coming out. Other advantages of bladeless fans include:

  • Make nearly no noise
  • Safer than fans with visible blades
  • Convenient as they can be controlled using a remote control
  • More attractive and elegant to look at compared to typical electric fans
  • Easier to clean due to the fan’s hollow tube and hidden blades

Are Bladeless Fans Bladeless?

A bladeless fan looks like a pedestal with a large open area on top where the cool air is ejected. Although it is called “a fan without blades”, these fans have blades. So, where are the blades on a bladeless fan? The blades on a bladeless fan are hidden inside the base of the pedestal.

A bladeless fan works by turning a small motor connected to asymmetrically aligned blades used to pull in the hot air from the room. From here, the hot air cools down as it travels up the pedestal and into the tube structure found on the top of the fan.

This tube structure has small pores where the now cool air is pushed out, but at a larger amount. This larger amount is created because when the cooled air is pushed out from the tube structure, other air in the atmosphere in the room is also pulled in. As a result, this extra air is also cooled down.

It may sound like a complicated process, but it is just a matter of physics. The initial air that is directly around the tube that gets pulled in and chilled happens due to a process called inducement. When the rest of the air in the atmosphere follows this process soon afterwards, it is called entrainment.

The Evolution of Bladeless Fans

a tower fan in the living room

In today’s market, you can find many different types of bladeless fans. However, it must be noted that none of these fans would have existed if it wasn’t for the Dyson company.

In 2009 the makers at Dyson revealed the first bladeless fan. This new Dyson fan was called the Dyson Air Multiplier. The people at Dyson claimed that this Dyson Air Multiplier used air multiplier technology.

This technology produced a better airflow output rate than a fan with blades. Also, this technology efficiently cooled down a room better and faster than a fan with blades. This was credited to this fan’s asymmetrically aligned blades which also eliminated the possibility of choppy airflow.

Although it was new and efficient in what was promised, this fan that Dyson produced did have some issues. For one, this bladeless fan did create a substantial amount of noise.

However, with time and many technological advances, The creators at Dyson effectively reduced the noise made by its motor to be 75% quiet. This was done partially by using a smaller motor. Even though this smaller motor is only 40% of its original size, it packs a mighty punch. The new Dyson fan brings in 5.28 gallons of hot air per second and then exerts 15x that as cold air.

Other companies have followed Dyson’s bladeless fan by making their models. These models look a bit different. These bladeless fans consist of only a tower that varies in terms of height.

Hence, the name for these fans is “tower fan.” Although they may look different, these tower fans work in the same way, both with their motor and with air multiplier technology. Hot air flows into the bottom of the tower and travels upwards to be pushed out as cold air. Along with this initially pulled-in hot air, the cold air is mixed with the other air that is circulating in the atmosphere to have a larger airflow output.

Many companies now make bladeless fans. Some companies that have created bladeless fans include NOMA, Honeywell, Rowenta, Lasko, and more. You can now find a bladeless fan in any size imaginable. It means that whatever space you need an extra breath of cold air in, you can find the perfect one for your needs. However, whatever size of bladeless fan you choose, they all still use the same air multiplier technology.

Go Bladeless

As you can see, bladeless fans are a fantastic piece of technology that everyone should have. Want something quiet? Use a bladeless fan! Want to protect the planet by not using up too much energy? Use a bladeless fan! Want to cool down inside your house? If this is the case, then a bladeless fan is the perfect solution for you!

It’s essential to be healthy and cool in the summer’s hot weather. This is why bladeless fans are the vital thing you need in these scorching hot months, and while everyone else ponders how do bladeless fans work, you can sit back and enjoy the air multiplier technology.

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