How to Install an Inflatable Hot Tub

Learning how to install an inflatable hot tub is the first step in making the most out of your new purchase. A good installation ensures you can enjoy your hot tub longer and reduce your risk of damage to your spa over time.

The good news for people who feel concerned about making major changes to their home is that inflatable hot tubs are often much easier to set up and install than full, integrated hot tubs. However, there are some risks that you’ll need to avoid, such as sharp objects or exposure to excessive wind and bad weather.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to setting up your inflatable hot tub.

Getting Started: Preparing for Installation

The first step in installing your inflatable hot tub is reading the instruction manual. Although spending an hour with your owner’s manual might not seem like fun when you want to jump into your hot tub as quickly as possible, it is essential.

An owner’s manual will give you advice on the kind of platforms that can support the weight of your hot tub, how close you need to be to a water pump, and how to use the inflation valve.

Reading the instructions should also guide you on how to avoid issues that could cause damage to your hot tub in the long term. For instance, some might recommend not placing your hot tub on top of gravel or an unpredictable surface. If you can’t find an instruction or owner’s manual included with your hot tub, look for guidance from the manufacturer online.

Some companies turn their instructions into videos you can watch if you need help setting the system up for the first time. Ensure you’re aware of whether your hot tub is suitable for use indoors and how much you can fill it before potentially damaging the materials.

With good insight into the rules of setting up your hot tub, you can begin to look for the right site where you want to inflate your new hot tub. For starters, your hot tub should be close enough to an electrical outlet or plug socket so that you can attach your hot tub to the electricity of your home. You will need the power to cause the system to bubble and heat.

It’s also important to choose a flat ground area for your hot tub, so you don’t accidentally damage the latex or inflatable lining with rocks and other sharp objects. The materials used in a portable indoor or outdoor tub are quite strong these days, but you can cause a leak if you’re not careful.

Setting up Your Hot Tub: The Inflation

Once you know how to set everything up, you can start inflating your hot tub. There should be instructions included with the product to fill the hot tub to air. If you have an electric air pump, this is often a good product to use if you want your portable spa to inflate properly.

Generally, it’s a good idea to have some extra people on hand after you’ve inflated your hot tub so that you can line it up in the right position. Although an inflatable hot tub isn’t very heavy, it can be difficult to move when you’re done filling it with air. So a little support from a friend is often useful.

Don’t try filling the hot tub with water before you move it. Pulling spas over the ground when they’re full of water increases the chances that you’ll end up with a hole or tear. Be careful that you don’t inflate the hot tub too much, either. Follow the instructions with the inflation hose and inflation valve. Too much air can put extra pressure on the seams of your spa. When you add water and a rough outdoor ground surface, the risk of damage goes up.

When you fill your hot tub with water, you’re adding extra weight to the filling system. There needs to be a little bit of giving in the hot tub walls, as the water can weigh quite a lot. If the walls are too rigid, the shape of your spa could distort.

Adding the Water and Chemicals


An inflatable hot tub can’t accomplish much until it’s filled with water and cleaned at the correct temperature. You should notice that most hot tubs come with a maximum fill line. This is evident in most lay-z spa hot tubs, but you can find it with other inflatable spa options. If you can’t see a maximum fill line on your inflatable lay-z spa or tub, check for advice on the company’s website.

Remember that there needs to be enough space in your spa or inflatable tub for the water to rise and move when people are inside it. There also needs to be enough space for the water to bubble up in your spa when you’re turning the pump and jet system on. Ideally, you might want to start by filling the hot tub only to the minimum fill line. You can then fill your product with extra water until you feel comfortable.

Once your water is at the right level, you can begin to set the hot tub pump and heat system, so the water begins to get warmer. Most spas come with a control panel where you can track the water temperature. Remember, if you use an extension rather than plugging your hot tub straight into the outlet, it might take longer for the temperature to get to the right level.


Now, you can begin adding chemicals to keep your water clean and bacteria-free. Like lay-z spa inflatable hot tubs, some products come with a filter and chemical products kit to get you started. If you don’t get these products with your device, you will need to find out which filter options fit your hot tub and order some chemicals yourself, like chlorine and pH balancing liquids.

It’s helpful to have some test strips handy, so you can check the chemicals in the water and determine whether they’re too acidic or alkaline before using your spa.

Using Your Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tub at the backyard

It is essential you know how to care for your hot tub so you can enjoy it more. Make sure that every valve is properly closed on your hot tub after you’ve filled the unit with water and air. Check that the unit is properly anchored to the floor and consider using a windbreak or gazebo to protect the spa from exposure to too much weather.

It can be difficult to protect an electrical device like a hot tub from the weather if you don’t have the right setup in place outside.

Remember, it can take a few hours for your hot tub to go from a flat piece of latex to a massage-ready product full of perfectly hot water. You can experiment with bubbles, chemicals, and heating until you find a strategy that works best for you.

Once you’re done heating your inflated system for the first time, you can decide whether you want to leave the hot tub setup switched on at all times. This allows the filtration and heat to continue working, so your spa is always ready. In addition, if you use your hot tub regularly, you can save power and money by leaving your tub.

Make sure you have a cover in place to protect the hot tub from the elements, too. Also, make sure you don’t leave an empty hot tub with its plugin, as this can damage the electrics.

You can find advice on the drainage of your hot tub within the instructions. If you decide to stop enjoying the benefits of your bubbles, massage jets, and hot water for the winter, it’s best to store the hot tub set up in a safe location, deflated, until you’re ready to use the unit again.

Look After Your Hot Tub

Once you know where each valve and outlet on your hot tub is, it’s easy enough to attach the correct hoses and pipes to get everything set up. Remember, when you’re investing in your Lay z spa or hot tub, it’s always important to prepare for the cost of maintaining your tub regularly too.

You’ll need to use a filter to ensure the pump continues to work properly and invest in maintenance if something goes wrong with your spa pump, valve or hot tub surface.

Filling your spa is easy enough if you have a garden hose, but you also need to regularly check the condition of the water and make sure the filter is working properly.

It’s also important to regularly pump old water out of your spa and refill it with fresh water to keep it free from bacteria. You can usually keep the cost of looking after your hot tub low by knowing when to empty it, when to attach a new filter, and when to run the pump and massage jets to circulate the water.

Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Tub

Once you know how to install an inflatable hot tub, make sure you know how to take full advantage of its features. Search for the ideal heat by experimenting with different settings, and make sure you inflate the tub with your pump again if it ever seems to be sagging. Having an electric pump on hand is useful for this. Enjoy your inflatable spa!

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