how to unlock an induction hob

Unlock an induction hob and make cooking a breeze again. If you’re wondering why your induction hob has locked or want to learn how to unlock an induction hob, then look no further. We’ll explain the common causes of locking as well as provide tips on unlocking this useful kitchen appliance. Unlocking an induction hob is not always straightforward so we have some troubleshooting advice that could help get you back up and running in no time at all – without having to call out for professional assistance. So if you’ve been struggling with a locked-up cooker, read on to find out more about unlocking an induction hob.

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Why Might an Induction Hob Lock?

An induction hob is a popular kitchen appliance that uses magnetic energy to heat up cookware. Unfortunately, these hobs are prone to locking due to a variety of reasons.

One of the most common causes for an induction hob lock-up is overheating. When too much heat builds up in the unit, it can cause it to shut down as a safety precaution. This often happens when you’re cooking on high temperatures or using larger pots and pans than what’s recommended by the manufacturer. To avoid further shutdowns, it’s important to use the correct sized cookware and keep your cooking heat at a lower setting when feasible.

Another reason why an induction hob might lock is because of power surges caused by faulty wiring or electrical storms outside your home. These sudden spikes in electricity can damage sensitive components inside your appliance, causing it to shut off unexpectedly until repairs are made. If you experience frequent power outages where you live, consider investing in surge protectors for extra protection against such events.

Finally, there may be times when an induction hob locks due to technical issues with its internal circuitry – something that only qualified technicians can fix properly and safely without damaging other parts of the unit during repairs. If none of the other fixes work, it is best to get in touch with a qualified technician right away instead of attempting any DIY repairs.

It is important to understand why an induction hob might lock in order to take the necessary steps to unlock it. Knowing how to properly unlock your induction hob can save you time and money, so let’s dive into our next heading of “How To Unlock An Induction Hob”.

How to Unlock an Induction Hob

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If you have an induction hob that has locked, it can be a frustrating experience. Don’t worry though – unlocking an induction hob is relatively straightforward and should take no more than a few minutes.

Switch off the electrical supply to the device before attempting any resetting. This will ensure that any residual electricity from the appliance won’t cause any problems when resetting it. Once the power is cut, find the reset switch on your hob’s control panel and press it for five seconds or until you hear a clicking sound.

Afterwards, check whether there are any error codes displayed on your hob’s LCD screen – if so, refer to your user manual to find out what they mean and how best to fix them (if necessary). If there are no error codes displayed, then simply switch the power back on and try turning one of the burners on again – if everything works as expected, then great. Your induction hob should now be unlocked.

If, after switching the power back on, nothing occurs or an error code still appears, then it is not cause for alarm. It may be something simple such as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker that can easily be rectified by examining your home’s electrical wiring system and replacing any damaged components if necessary. On the other hand, it could also point to more significant issues, such as faulty internal wiring, which necessitates professional help from an electrician in order to ensure safety and prevent damage to kitchen appliances during repairs.

Gaining access to an induction hob is not overly complex, yet ensuring you adhere to the instructions is essential. If you find yourself having trouble unlocking your induction hob, then our next heading will provide some helpful troubleshooting tips.

Key Takeaway: Unlocking an induction hob is a simple process – just turn off the power, press down on the reset button for five seconds, and check if there are any error codes. If these steps are unsuccessful, you may need to seek additional help from customer service.


Knowing how to unlock an induction hob is essential for anyone who owns one. Unlocking an induction hob is not difficult; it’s a basic and uncomplicated procedure. By understanding why it might lock in the first place, you can avoid potential problems from occurring again in the future. If your induction hob does become locked unexpectedly, use our troubleshooting tips to get back up and running quickly with minimal hassle. With a little knowledge of what causes locking issues and how to fix them, unlocking an induction hob should be no problem at all.

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