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Magnifying mirrors are a must-have companion for those who value their appearance and want to ensure every detail is just right. We often find ourselves struggling with tasks like applying makeup, shaving or even attending to personal grooming needs. In those moments, a magnifying mirror can make all the difference in achieving a flawless finish and saving us time.

One of the greatest advantages of a magnifying mirror is its ability to provide an enlarged, clear image of our face, ensuring we don’t miss any crucial spots. A high-quality magnifying mirror not only helps highlight the finer details, but also enhances lighting in the area, making it easier to work with precision.

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When choosing the best magnifying mirror, it’s essential to pay attention to factors like the level of magnification, the quality of the mirror, its size, and the type of lighting it offers. It is also necessary to consider how easy it is to mount and adjust according to personal preference and needs. The perfect magnifying mirror is a combination of all these factors, which ultimately leads to a seamless, enjoyable experience.

After an extensive research and testing process, I’ve narrowed down a list of the best magnifying mirrors to help you achieve that perfect look while making your routine more enjoyable and efficient.

Best Magnifying Mirrors in the UK

Product NameMagnification LevelSize and ShapeWeightMounting and AdjustabilityMaterial and Build Quality
Auxmir Magnifying Makeup10x/1XRound, Φ15.8cmabout 494.3gFree Standing, 360° swivelABS plastic, chrome, crystal glass
Gotofine Double Sided10X/1XRound, 5.8 inabout 16.8 ozTabletop, 360° RotationGlass, Transparent
FANCYSEEU 7 Inch1X/7XRound, 7 in‎272g360° Rotating DesignPlastic, Retro Style
CLSEVXY Vanity1:1 / 1:15Round, 6 in‎440g360° SwivelAcrylic, Glossy Finish

I’ve compiled a list of the best magnifying mirrors for you. These mirrors will help you get an up-close and clear view of your face, making tasks like makeup application and grooming much easier. Enjoy exploring my top picks below!

Auxmir Magnifying Makeup Mirror 1X/10X (Top Pick)

Auxmir Magnifying Makeup Mirror

I highly recommend this Auxmir Magnifying Makeup Mirror for its clarity, versatility, and elegant design.


  • 10x and 1x magnification for detailed and regular use
  • 360° rotation for flexible usage
  • Portable and free-standing design


  • 10x magnification requires very close distance for clear reflection
  • Might not fit in very small spaces
  • Slightly heavier at 494g

I recently used the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup Mirror, and I was impressed with its performance. The double-sided mirror provides both regular and 10x magnification, which is perfect for everything from daily use to detailed makeup application. The 10x magnification is especially helpful for tasks like eyebrow trimming and facial care, though it does require being very close to the mirror for a clear reflection.

The Auxmir mirror’s 360° swivel ball joints provide high flexibility, allowing me to rotate the mirror freely and position it as needed. This feature is particularly useful when I’m working on different parts of my face, as I don’t have to strain my neck or move around to see everything clearly.

Another aspect I appreciated was the mirror’s sleek, modern design. Its chromed appearance and slender shape add an air of elegance to my dressing table. Moreover, being portable and free-standing, the Auxmir mirror doesn’t require any drilling or glue, making it perfect for any vanity table or bathroom without the need for extra installation.

Although the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup Mirror is slightly on the heavier side at 494g, it doesn’t pose a significant problem, as it generally stays in one place once placed. Overall, its pros outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile addition to any dressing table, desk, or bathroom.

When comparing the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup with its competitors, several features make it a standout choice. Its unique combination of 10x and 1X magnification levels offers users the flexibility to switch between detailed work and a regular view, a versatility shared only with the Gotofine Double-Sided.

The Auxmir’s size of Φ15.8cm gives it a substantial viewing area without being overly bulky. Furthermore, its construction from ABS plastic combined with chrome and crystal glass not only ensures durability but also exudes a sense of elegance and style.

Most notably, the free-standing design with 360° swivel capability offers unparalleled convenience, ensuring the mirror remains stable and can be adjusted effortlessly. With this blend of function, design, and quality, the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup emerges as a compelling choice over its peers.

Users of the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup mirror have largely voiced appreciation for its functional and aesthetic qualities. A few salient points not explicitly stated by the manufacturer emerge from these reviews. The mirror is lauded for its portability and ability to be stowed when not in use. It offers clear reflections both in its standard and magnified modes.

Its assembly is described as straightforward and its weight as light. However, a drawback is present in the 10X magnification, which requires users to come exceptionally close, limiting the space for makeup tools.

Additionally, the intensity of magnification can be startling for first-time users, capturing details they might not have been prepared to see. Overall, it serves both functional and fun purposes, with some using it for close skin examinations.

Gotofine Double Sided Tabletop Makeup Mirror (Runner-Up)

Gotofine Double Sided Tabletop Makeup Mirror

I find this mirror ideal for makeup application, offering 10X magnification on one side and 1X on the other, ensuring a flawless finish.


  • High definition magnification
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • 360° rotation for easy viewing


  • Stand can be unstable if knocked
  • 10X magnification may be too much for some
  • Not damp-proof or rust-proof for long-term use

Since I utilised the Gotofine Double-Sided Tabletop Makeup Mirror myself, my makeup game has truly transformed. I can ditch my glasses and rely on its brilliant 10X magnification for those intricate tasks like tweezing or putting on mascara. On days when I just need a quick check, the 1X side gives me a crystal-clear reflection.

Handy to hold and light as a feather, I often shift it around to get the best light. The 360° swivel is a godsend; I can angle it just right, especially during those rushed mornings. One word of caution, though – be careful where you place it. It’s had a wobble or two when nudged.

And, even though it claims to be resistant to all sorts of wear, I’ve clocked a bit of wear over the months. That said, it’s a minor quibble for what’s been an absolute game-changer for my daily routine. If you’re on the hunt for a dependable makeup mirror, this one’s a real gem.

Compared with the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup, the Gotofine Double Sided offers a similar dual magnification feature of 10X and 1X, but differentiates itself with its lightweight design and a transparent glass frame.

Though both products provide a 360° adjustment capability, the Gotofine’s emphasis on being both a tabletop and a handheld mirror gives users an added layer of convenience and portability. The Gotofine mirror, with its dimensions of about 5.8 inches, is slightly smaller than the Auxmir’s Φ15.8cm, making it more compact for those prioritising space.

Additionally, its transparent glass frame can seamlessly blend into various decors without overshadowing other design elements. While the Auxmir boasts a combination of ABS plastic, chrome, and crystal glass for durability and aesthetics, the Gotofine emphasizes simplicity and clarity with its pure glass construction.

Users of the Gotofine Double Sided mirror have provided feedback that offers insights beyond the manufacturer’s claims. The majority of reviewers find the mirror particularly helpful, especially those who wear glasses, as it aids them in makeup application. This mirror is valued for its clarity, as many mentioned the absence of image distortion and its “blemish-free” magnification.

It also holds aesthetic appeal, with several users noting it as a stylish addition to their bathrooms. However, there are some points of criticism. A few users have mentioned that the mirror’s stand is lightweight, posing a risk of it toppling over if accidentally bumped.

Additionally, there’s a critique about the 10x magnification being overly intense for routine use, with a suggestion that a 5x magnification might be more practical. On the whole, the product seems to be reliable and of good value, yet with some room for improvement in design and magnification aspects.

FANCYSEEU 7 Inch Magnifying Makeup Mirror (Honourable Mention)

FANCYSEEU 7 Inch Magnifying Makeup Mirror

This lightweight, double-sided magnifying mirror is perfect for all your makeup needs with its elegant design and 360° rotation.


  • Elegant and retro design
  • Double-sided with 1x and 7x magnification
  • 360° rotation for easy viewing


  • Plastic frame may feel less premium
  • May be too large for travel purposes
  • Limited to two magnification levels

After trying out the FANCYSEEU 7 Inch Magnifying Makeup Mirror, I must say it has become a delightful and essential part of my daily makeup routine. The classic round mirror design with rounded edges and glossy finish truly gives it a touch of elegance. Its black colour makes it an attractive piece for my bedroom, bathroom, and even my office.

One of the standout features of this mirror is its double-sided design. It offers both a standard mirror and a 7x magnifying mirror to cater to different makeup needs, such as detailed facial makeup application, wearing contact lenses, and trimming eyebrows. I also appreciate the 360° rotation, which allows for easy switching between the two magnifications and clear mirror imaging at any angle.

Though the overall plastic material used for the frame might not feel as premium as other options, it does make the FANCYSEEU makeup mirror lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, its drop resistance and corrosion resistance make it suitable for use in wet environments like bathrooms. However, due to its 7-inch size, it might not be the most travel-friendly option available.

In conclusion, the FANCYSEEU 7 Inch Magnifying Makeup Mirror is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, elegant, and practical mirror for everyday use. With its double-sided design, 360° rotation, and lightweight build, it promises to make your makeup routine more convenient and enjoyable.

Compared with the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup, the FANCYSEEU 7 Inch brings forward a distinct retro style with its glossy finish and rounded edges. While both mirrors provide the dual-sided feature, the FANCYSEEU offers a slightly lower magnification at 7X compared to Auxmir’s 10X, making it more suited for general makeup application rather than intricate detailing.

The FANCYSEEU also stands out with its black aesthetic, offering a classic touch that contrasts with Auxmir’s modern chromed appearance. Both have a 360° rotation capability, but the FANCYSEEU emphasizes its lightweight design and portability, ideal for those who are on-the-go.

In terms of materials, while the Auxmir utilizes a blend of ABS plastic, chrome, and crystal glass, the FANCYSEEU is crafted primarily from plastic, making it potentially more resistant to damp environments like bathrooms.

Users have shared varied feedback on the FANCYSEEU 7 Inch mirror that can provide some additional insights. The positive remarks emphasize its lightweight nature, making it suitable for travel, which is especially beneficial for those on the move. Many users praised its high quality, sturdiness, and the fact that both sides of the mirror function effectively.

The design and colour of the frame also gained appreciation, with one user noting it matches their decor. Another user highlighted its compact design that enables it to be stored in a drawer. However, there is a dichotomy regarding its size as a travel mirror; while some find it perfect for their trips, another felt it was too big for travel.

The magnification also received mixed reviews; one user mentioned it made them dizzy, while others found it excellent for tasks like makeup application and shaving. Overall, users perceive the mirror as offering good value for its price.

CLSEVXY Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror

CLSEVXY Vanity Mirror

I find this magnifying mirror to be a practical addition to any bathroom, making daily grooming tasks more manageable.


  • Double-sided magnification (1:1 and 1:15)
  • 360-degree swivel design
  • Stylish and space-saving acrylic frame


  • Magnification may not be strong enough for some users
  • Primarily made of plastic
  • Might be too small for certain preferences

As soon as I opened and tested the package containing the CLSEVXY Vanity Mirror, I was immediately drawn to its captivating design and function. The clear acrylic frame, with its glossy finish and transparent appearance, effortlessly blended with the decor of my bathroom.

I found the double-sided magnification to be incredibly handy for my grooming needs. The 1:15 magnification side proved ideal for precise tasks like tweezing, while the 1:1 side worked perfectly for my everyday makeup application. However, I must note that a friend of mine who requires a stronger magnification might find it insufficient.

One standout feature of this mirror is its 360-degree swivel design, enabling effortless adjustments to any angle. This flexibility allowed me to effortlessly view different areas of my face while applying makeup or tending to other grooming tasks.

While the CLSEVXY Vanity Mirror boasts aesthetic appeal, I did notice that it is primarily constructed of plastic. This may raise durability concerns for some users. Additionally, the mirror’s 6.25-inch size, although space-saving on my countertop, might not satisfy those seeking a larger mirror surface.

In conclusion, the CLSEVXY Vanity Mirror is a practical and stylish choice for daily grooming tasks in any bathroom. However, individuals requiring stronger magnification or a larger mirror surface might want to explore other options.

Compared with the Auxmir Magnifying Makeup, the CLSEVXY Vanity offers an impressive magnification range with one side presenting a 1:15 magnification, which might appeal to users looking for extreme close-ups.

While the Auxmir employs ABS plastic, chrome, and crystal glass for a blend of durability and elegance, the CLSEVXY Vanity flaunts a stylish acrylic frame with a glossy finish, providing a more contemporary and sleek appearance. Both mirrors feature a 360° rotation, but the CLSEVXY’s emphasis on its transparent base suggests it’s designed to harmoniously fit into any decor.

Size-wise, the CLSEVXY Vanity is more compact with its 6-inch diameter compared to the Auxmir’s Φ15.8cm, potentially catering to users with limited space. Both are geared towards users who appreciate aesthetics, but their different styles and magnification levels will cater to varied user preferences.

Users have provided a range of feedback on the CLSEVXY Vanity mirror. On the positive side, many commend its sturdiness and clear design. Its value for money is a recurring theme, suggesting it offers a quality experience at an affordable price. The magnification, while generally appreciated, has received mixed reviews.

One user expected a stronger magnification compared to another mirror they had seen, implying the product description might benefit from clearer specifications regarding its magnifying strength. Another user mentioned that the mirror had too much plastic, which could indicate concerns about its environmental impact or aesthetics.

However, the mirror’s overall quality, clarity, and price point seem to make it popular among its users.

OMIRO Hand Mirror

OMIRO Hand Mirror

This versatile OMIRO magnifying mirror provides powerful magnification and portability, making it a great option for your makeup and beauty needs.


  • Powerful 20X magnification
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Double-sided mirror with 1X and 20X magnification


  • Must be within 2 inches for clear 20X reflection
  • Can’t see the whole face at once
  • Requires careful handling

Having lately used the OMIRO Hand Mirror during my travel adventures, I can wholeheartedly attest that it has become an essential item that I never leave home without. The 20X magnification it offers is truly remarkable and comes in handy for all those intricate tasks like precise eyeliner application and eyebrow plucking. However, it’s worth noting that due to its high magnification, I need to hold it within 2 inches from my face to ensure a crystal-clear reflection.

What I love about this mirror is its compact and lightweight design, which makes it a breeze to carry around in my trusty handbag. The versatility of having dual sides with different magnifications is a game-changer – essentially giving me the benefits of two mirrors in a single package. Another fantastic feature is the adjustable handle, allowing me to use it as a handheld, tabletop, or even hanging mirror, depending on my needs and the situation.

One minor drawback I did notice is that while using the 20X magnification, I can’t see my entire face at once. However, as long as I’m cautious when handling it, this doesn’t pose a significant issue for me. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend the OMIRO Hand Mirror to anyone seeking a portable and immensely powerful magnifying mirror. Just remember to handle it with care and maintain close proximity for a clear and precise reflection!

MIYADIVA Hand Mirror 30X Magnifying Mirror with Handle

MIYADIVA Hand Mirror

This mirror offers excellent magnification and versatility for daily use or travel; it’s a must-have for those with delicate facial needs.


  • Impressive 30X magnification for precision
  • Double-sided with 1X flat mirror for everyday use
  • Adjustable handle for different usage modes


  • Finding the right distance for clarity might take practice
  • Might be a bit large for some travellers
  • Made of ABS material, be cautious of potential scratches

I recently tried the MIYADIVA Hand Mirror with its 30X magnifying capabilities, and it exceeded my expectations. As someone who needs precise magnification for general grooming tasks, the mirror proved invaluable. While it took me some time to find the optimal distance to avoid blurry or upside-down images, once I had it down, it became second nature.

The double-sided design allowed me to switch between the high magnification and the 1X flat mirror when needed, making it perfect for both intricate tasks and general use. The adjustable handle that can be held, hung on the wall or folded on the table added an extra layer of convenience. It worked well on various surfaces as I went about my daily routine and could easily be rotated from 0° to 90°.

The MIYADIVA Hand Mirror is an excellent tool for anyone with delicate facial needs, and it comes in a beautiful case with a storage pouch, making it a great gift option. Although it might be a bit large for some travellers, and the ABS material requires caution to avoid scratches, the mirror offers exceptional magnification and versatility that make it a valuable addition to my grooming arsenal.

JJA 20X Magnifier Makeup Mirror

JJA 20X Magnifier Makeup Mirror

This magnifying mirror is a worthy purchase for someone seeking a detailed view while applying makeup or shaving.


  • Superior 20X magnification
  • Fashionable design with strong suction cups
  • Portable and travel-friendly


  • Suction cups might not work on every surface
  • Small sweet spot for accurate focus
  • Possibly too strong magnification for some users

When I used the JJA 20X Magnifier Makeup Mirror for my daily makeup routine, I found that the 20X magnification truly helped me apply makeup more precisely, especially when it came to eyeliner and tweezing my eyebrows. The fashionable design added a touch of sophistication to my vanity, and the strong suction cups ensured the mirror stayed in place throughout the process.

The portability of this mirror is also a huge plus, as I could easily carry it in my cosmetic bag and use it during trips. I appreciated the high-quality, distortion-free glass, which gave the clearest image possible, making it suitable even for users with impaired vision.

However, I did notice that the suction cups might not stick to every surface, so it might be necessary to experiment with different locations before finding the perfect spot for this mirror. Additionally, the mirror’s concave shape seemed a bit irregular, meaning there’s only a small sweet spot where I could accurately focus. This might take some getting used to for first-time users, especially those with stronger prescription glasses.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I found the JJA 20X Magnifier Makeup Mirror to be an indispensable tool for anyone looking to up their makeup or shaving game. The powerful magnification, travel-friendly design, and strong suction cups make this mirror a valuable addition to any makeup routine.

OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror

OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror

This OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror is a fantastic choice for those in need of a close-up view for makeup, shaving, or deep cleaning.


  • 20X magnification for precise detail work
  • High-quality stainless steel tweezers included
  • Removable suction cups make it easy to install and carry


  • May be too powerful for some users, but a 10X option is available
  • Needs to be used extremely close to the face due to magnification
  • Small size might not be ideal for all purposes

After using the OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror, I find it extremely helpful for precise grooming tasks like eyebrow plucking and makeup application. The high-quality stainless steel tweezers included in the package have a non-slip grip and perfect slant design for precise and comfortable use.

The removable suction cups make it easy to attach the mirror to any flat surface, making it perfect for use at home or during travel. I appreciate the slim design of the mirror, which allows me to carry it with me easily and use it whenever I need a close-up view for detailed work.

However, one drawback for some users might be the intensity of the 20X magnification, which requires the mirror to be held very close to their face. This could feel a bit uncomfortable for some, but there is a 10X magnification option available for those who prefer a less powerful mirror. Additionally, the small size of the mirror may not be suitable for all purposes and some people might have difficulty seeing the overall result of their grooming efforts.

In conclusion, the OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror is a great tool for detailed grooming tasks and its portability makes it ideal for both home and on-the-go use. Although the magnification and size might not be suitable for everyone, the overall quality and usefulness make this mirror a worthwhile investment.

Linkstyle 2 Pieces Makeup Mirrors

Linkstyle Makeup Mirrors

The Linkstyle 2 Pieces Makeup Mirrors are a great investment for anyone seeking versatile and high-quality magnifying mirrors for their daily beauty routine and travel needs.


  • Three magnification options (1x, 10x, 15x)
  • 360-degree adjustable rotation
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Large 15x mirror may feel distorted
  • Magnifying mirrors need to be used at close range
  • Large mirror may not stay upright on stand

I recently purchased the Linkstyle 2 Pieces Makeup Mirrors, and they genuinely made my daily beauty routine so much more enjoyable and efficient. These compact mirrors are perfect for handling precision tasks like eyebrow trimming or acne treatment, thanks to their 10x and 15x magnification options.

The 360-degree adjustable rotation is an outstanding feature, as I can easily adjust the angle of the mirror to suit my needs. Whether I’m using the hand mirror for detailed makeup application, placing it on my bedroom dresser as a tabletop mirror, or hanging it in my bathroom, the flexible folding handle makes it a breeze to use.

These mirrors are also very portable, making them an excellent choice for travel. I can easily slip the smaller mirror into my handbag or suitcase, and the lightweight design ensures that they don’t weigh me down during my trips.

However, one downside I noticed was that the 15x magnification seemed distorted, similar to a funhouse mirror effect. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but it might be off-putting for some users. Additionally, the magnifying mirrors need to be used up close; otherwise, they may appear distorted.

Overall, the Linkstyle 2 Pieces Makeup Mirrors are a fantastic addition to my beauty toolkit, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for versatile, portable, and high-quality magnifying mirrors for their daily grooming and travel needs.

DOZTI Magnifying Makeup Mirror

DOZTI Magnifying Makeup Mirror

This DOZTI Magnifying Makeup Mirror is a decent choice for precise makeup application and grooming, despite its compact size.


  • Double-sided with magnification for detailed tasks
  • Made from premium ABS material that’s scratch-resistant
  • Portable and free-standing with 360° rotation


  • Smaller than expected for some users
  • May not be suitable for large bathroom setups
  • Limited design and style options

I recently purchased the DOZTI Magnifying Makeup Mirror, and despite being smaller than anticipated, I appreciate the double-sided design. The magnified side is perfect for applying eyeliner, grooming my brows, and tweezing. Its smaller size also makes it easy to use on a vanity or dressing table.

The makeup mirror is made of premium ABS material, which gives it a sleek appearance while resisting scratches. I found this to be incredibly useful, as my previous mirror had become scratched up over time. The DOZTI mirror’s material proves to be more durable, making it a better long-term investment for me.

As someone who often changes their makeup setup, I love that this mirror is portable and free-standing. I can easily take it from my dressing table to my countertop without hassle. The 360° rotation allows me to find the right angle, and the mirror stays put in my preferred position.

However, I must admit that the compact size may not be suitable for everyone. For users who prefer a larger mirror in their bathroom, the DOZTI Magnifying Makeup Mirror may not be the best option. Additionally, it’s not available in multiple designs or styles, so if you’re picky about your décor, this might not be the perfect fit.

In conclusion, I would recommend the DOZTI Magnifying Makeup Mirror to those who value portability, durability, and precise makeup application. It may not suit everyone’s design preferences or be ideal for large bathrooms, but it’s great for personal use and small spaces.

Buying Guide

a beautiful lady testing a magnifying mirror

Alternatives to Using a Magnifying Mirror

An alternative to using a magnifying mirror is utilising digital magnification apps on smartphones or tablets. Many of these apps use the device’s camera to zoom in on an area, providing clear magnification on the screen. This can be especially helpful for tasks like reading small print or applying makeup.

Additionally, these apps often come with features such as adjustable brightness and contrast, making it easier to see fine details. While they might not offer the same hands-free convenience as a stand-alone magnifying mirror, digital magnification apps are a portable and versatile option for those seeking magnification on-the-go.

Magnification Strength

The primary reason for purchasing a magnifying mirror is to see the finer details of my face. Most magnifying mirrors have a 5x, 7x, or 10x magnification. I recommend choosing a mirror based on your individual needs. For instance, if I need a magnifying mirror for my daily makeup routine, I’d go for 5x or 7x magnification. However, if I require one for more intricate tasks like plucking eyebrows or examining skin imperfections, a 10x mirror would suit me better.

Size and Portability

I find it necessary to consider the size and portability of the magnifying mirror. Smaller mirrors are perfect for travelling, while larger mirrors would work well for home use. If I prioritise portability, I opt for a compact, foldable mirror that can easily fit into a suitcase or handbag. If the mirror is for my vanity at home, I focus on size and design to ensure it complements my space.


I think proper lighting is vital when using a magnifying mirror. With a well-lit mirror, I can accurately apply my makeup or peer into my pores. Some mirrors have adjustable brightness settings, making it easy for me to customise the light intensity based on the surrounding environment.

Mounting Options

There are several mounting options available for magnifying mirrors, so I take into consideration where I’ll be using it. Here are the common mounting options:

  • Desktop: This type of mirror usually has a stand or a base, making it perfect for placing on my vanity or a countertop.
  • Wall-mounted: These mirrors are designed to be mounted on the wall, providing a more permanent and space-saving solution.
  • Suction cup: These mirrors come with suction cups on the back, allowing me to temporarily attach them to any smooth, flat surface like a bathroom mirror or tile.
  • Extendable arm: If I need a mirror that I can adjust or bring closer to my face, I look for an extendable arm design.

I hope this buying guide helps you choose the perfect magnifying mirror for your needs. Remember to consider magnification strength, size and portability, lighting, and mounting options when making your selection.

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