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Palm routers are versatile and compact woodworking tools that provide incredible precision and control for various tasks such as trimming, edge forming, and cutting intricate designs. These powerful devices are designed to be easily manoeuvrable, allowing users to tackle intricate woodworking projects with ease and efficiency. For those looking to invest in a quality palm router in the UK, it’s essential to understand the unique features and benefits of this indispensable tool.

In the UK, palm routers have gained popularity among beginners and professionals alike, thanks to their convenient size, lightweight design, and superior performance. These handheld devices are perfect for small-scale tasks, making them an ideal addition to any workshop. The powerful motors and high-speed capabilities of top-rated palm routers ensure clean and accurate cuts every time.

various palm routers

When choosing the best palm router, there are a few critical factors to consider. Buyers should pay attention to the motor power, the router’s ergonomic design, and the various accessories available to maximise the tool’s versatility. Additionally, it’s helpful to research the brand’s reputation for quality, durability, and customer support, as investing in a reliable device will undoubtedly lead to better long-term results.

To help you find the perfect palm router for your woodworking needs, we’ve spent a significant amount of time researching and testing various devices available in the UK. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the best options available, ensuring you can easily select a palm router that meets your specific requirements and delivers outstanding performance.

Best Palm Routers in the UK

ProductPower and PerformanceErgonomics and ComfortPrecision and Depth AdjustmentVersatility and CompatibilityAccessories
VonHaus Compact Palm Router32000 RPMLightweight constructionChuck collet for materialCompatible with 1/4″ or 3/8″Included collets and wrench
Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Trim RouterCordless, 29000 RPMMicro height adjustmentQuick-release leverSupplied with 6/6.35mm colletCollet, straight cutter, wrench, side fence
Anesty Palm Router Trimmer30000 RPMErgonomic designSmooth rack and pinion systemVariable speed controlStraight guide, trimmer guide, spanner wrench, dust extracting attachment, router template guide
DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router33000 RPMErgonomic designQuick-locking depth adjustmentCompatible with 1/4″ and 3/8″Straight guide, curved edge guide, chucks, burrs, carbon brushes, wrench, lever, dust extractor

Discover our top picks of the best palm routers available in the UK market, perfect for your woodworking and DIY needs.

VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W (Top Pick)

VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W

The VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W is a reliable and versatile choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals seeking precision and control.


  • Variable speed control for complete control
  • Lightweight construction reduces fatigue
  • Compatible with ¼” and 3/8” shank bits


  • Lacks an integrated scale for height adjustment
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • No carrying case included

Having used the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W myself, I can vouch for it as a reliable and adaptable tool that DIY aficionados and professionals alike will appreciate for its precision and control.

The variable speed control on the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W won me over with the enhanced precision and safety it offers when working with various materials. Its lightweight build not only made extended use more comfortable but also facilitated smoother movements when cutting intricate shapes or carving out grooves. Despite its small size, this router doesn’t skimp on versatility – it’s compatible with bits featuring a ¼” or 3/8” shank, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.

That said, it isn’t without its shortcomings. For one, the router doesn’t have an integrated scale for height adjustments, which does call for a bit of estimation or the use of a depth gauge. It might not be a sticking point for everyone, but it’s worth noting. Additionally, while the VonHaus Compact Router Saw 710W handles light to medium tasks admirably, it can falter under the weight of more demanding projects. Also, it’s worth noting that the router doesn’t come with a carrying case, which would have been handy for storing and transporting the tool.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-handle router that won’t dent your wallet, the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W is a great shout. It might not be cut out for heavy-duty projects, but for small to medium tasks, it’s a strong performer that delivers efficiency and control. Based on my own experience, I’d heartily recommend this router to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

The VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W stands out as an excellent choice among the other products for several reasons. Firstly, its 710W motor provides sufficient power for a wide range of routing tasks. Additionally, its lightweight yet solid construction ensures both durability and ease of use, reducing the risk of fatigue during prolonged use.

The inclusion of a chuck collet, compatible with 1/4″ or 3/8″ shank, allows for secure material placement during operation. Moreover, the variable speed control feature ensures precise control over the saw, adapting to different applications.

While the comparison is based on the provided information, the VonHaus router’s combination of power, construction, chuck collet compatibility, and variable speed control make it a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile and reliable palm router.

Based on the user reviews of the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W, there are some additional insights provided by the users that are not explicitly mentioned by the manufacturer. Users highlight the tool’s ease of one-handed operation, emphasizing its versatility and ease of use. One user mentions that the operation of the router is surprisingly quiet, and the ability to connect a vacuum dust removal system is seen as a bonus.

In terms of performance, users report that the router holds up well for various tasks, such as creating fancy edges on wooden worktops, and it produces acceptable results. However, a few users note slight vibrations during use, although they do not consider it a significant issue. The inclusion of spare brushes with the tool suggests that the manufacturer expects it to have a longer lifespan, which is seen as a positive.

Users also appreciate the fact that the tool comes with both straight and curved edge guides, as well as 1/4″ and 3/8″ collets, providing additional value. Overall, users express satisfaction with the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W, emphasizing its versatility, value for money, and ease of operation.

Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router (Runner-Up)

Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router

Speaking from first-hand experience, the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router is a brilliant pick for those small woodworking tasks thanks to its ease of use and versatility.


  • Cordless and lightweight for maximum portability
  • Micro height adjustment for precise cutting
  • Quick-release lever for easy adjustments


  • May lack power for heavy-duty projects
  • Flimsy guide rails
  • Cost could be considered slightly high

As a hands-on user of the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router, I’ve found it a spot-on tool for minor woodworking duties. Delivering a powerful 29,000 rpm and a maximum plunge depth of 38mm, it’s been ideal for that final embellishment to my projects. The cordless nature of this gadget allows for effortless navigation without the nuisance of cables, and its lightweight configuration offers extended use without discomfort.

Equipped with micro height adjustment, this trim router has delivered pinpoint accuracy, enabling me to secure a professional-looking finish. Even though it’s primarily designed for smaller tasks, I’ve found the tool versatile enough to handle a variety of woodworking applications, becoming a brilliant addition to my toolkit.

However, I have noticed that the R18TR-0 might fall short in power for more labour-intensive projects, and there have been some remarks about the guide rails’ robustness. It’s a smidge pricier than some other trim routers available in the market, but considering its top-notch performance and convenience, I reckon the cost is justifiable. In summary, from my own experience, the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router is a dependable and user-friendly solution for anyone seeking a compact and versatile tool for their woodworking needs.

Compared with the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W, the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router offers the advantage of cordless operation, providing greater flexibility and convenience in manoeuvring around workpieces. With a powerful 29,000 rpm motor and a maximum plunge depth of 38mm, the Ryobi trim router excels at delivering precise edges to any project.

The micro height adjustment feature ensures accuracy, while the quick-release lever enables easy depth adjustment and base removal. Additionally, the Ryobi trim router comes supplied with essential accessories such as a 6/6.35mm collet, straight cutter, wrench, and side fence, enhancing its versatility and usability.

Overall, for users seeking the convenience of cordless operation and a comprehensive set of accessories, the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router presents a compelling option alongside the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W.

Based on the user reviews of the Ryobi R18TR-0 ONE+ Cordless Trim Router, there is some additional information provided by the users that is not explicitly stated by the manufacturer. Users highlight the convenience and portability of the cordless design, making it ideal for smaller jobs and providing freedom from cord restrictions. One user mentions that the router works well for basic routing tasks and has good battery life.

However, a few users note that they found the power to be insufficient for certain applications, suggesting that it may not be as powerful as they had hoped, especially when using a 4Ah battery. Some users also express mixed opinions about the guide rails, mentioning that they found them a bit flimsy.

On the positive side, users appreciate the build quality and robustness of the tool, with one user comparing it favourably to more expensive brands like Makita. The adjustment and clamp systems are praised for their ease of operation and adjustment. Overall, users find the Ryobi Cordless Trim Router to be a convenient and well-made tool, suitable for smaller jobs, while some mention the need for higher power and sturdier guide rails.

Anesty Palm Router Trimmer (Honourable Mention)

Anesty Palm Router Trimmer

As someone with a passion for woodworking, I can confidently recommend the Anesty Palm Router Trimmer for anyone seeking an efficient and budget-friendly tool.


  • Powerful with variable speed control
  • Smooth and precise depth adjustments
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use


  • Possible alignment issue causing vibration at high speed
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Limited accessories included

I’ve personally found its variable speed control, which ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM, fantastic for the variety of tasks I’ve undertaken, allowing for precise and smooth cuts. It’s especially handy for lighter to medium-duty woodworking tasks, despite the alignment issues reported by some users causing vibrations at high speeds.

What stands out for me is the precise depth adjustment system, which combined with the clear depth scales, makes achieving exact settings a breeze. It’s ergonomically designed body also enhances the comfort and control, making it a joy to use. Plus, its clever horizontal power cable placement means you’re never bothered by a pesky cord getting in the way of your work.

One gripe I have, though, is its suitability for heavy-duty jobs – it just doesn’t cut it. And although it comes with a limited set of accessories, for its price, the value is undeniably good.

In a nutshell, if you’re a woodworking enthusiast on the lookout for an affordable and versatile palm router, I’d say the Anesty Palm Router Trimmer is well worth considering. Its powerful motor, adjustable speed control and comfortable design make it suitable for both beginners and those with a bit more experience.

Compared with the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W, the Anesty Palm Router Trimmer offers several distinctive features. With its variable speed control dial ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM, the Anesty router allows users to match the speed to their specific application. The smooth rack and pinion fine depth adjustment system, coupled with easy-to-read depth scales, ensures precise and accurate settings for various routing tasks.

The Anesty router also boasts an ergonomically designed body, providing increased comfort and control during operation. Additionally, its horizontally installed power cable prevents interference with your work. With the inclusion of a transparent cover for controlling flying sawdust and being double-insulated with a heavy-duty aluminium motor housing, the Anesty Palm Router Trimmer prioritises durability and safety.

Overall, for users who value variable speed control, precise depth adjustment, ergonomic design, and enhanced dust control, the Anesty Palm Router Trimmer offers compelling advantages when compared to the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W.

Based on the user reviews of the Anesty Palm Router Trimmer, there is some additional information provided by the users that is not explicitly stated by the manufacturer. Users highlight the affordability of the router, mentioning that it is perfect for the price and allows them to have one for every cutter set. However, one user reports an issue with lateral movement in the main shaft, causing vibration and alignment problems during routing.

This user exchanged the router for another one but found the same issue present in both units. It is worth noting that this issue is not mentioned by the manufacturer. On the positive side, users generally find the router to be compact and good for beginners or novice users. Some users simply mention that the router is “spot on” or “great,” expressing overall satisfaction with its performance.

The affordability and ability to achieve detailing at a fraction of the price of top brand names are mentioned as positive aspects. While the majority of reviews are positive, the issue with lateral movement reported by one user highlights a potential concern that is not explicitly mentioned by the manufacturer.

DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router

DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router

The DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router is a budget-friendly, versatile tool that is suitable for small carpentry projects and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Quick-locking and depth adjustment system for precise control
  • Ergonomic and convenient design with comfortable grip
  • Powerful motor with adjustable speed


  • Not suitable for heavy, daily use
  • Cable may be a bit cumbersome
  • Some issues with durability reported

Having personally used the DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router for my small carpentry tasks, I can attest to its suitability for DIY enthusiasts or those tackling the odd woodwork project.

Its compact size and impressive efficiency are what struck me initially. The depth adjustment and quick-locking system make controlling the machining depth straightforward, and its ergonomic design ensures it fits comfortably in your hand for those longer sessions.

What I truly appreciated was the powerful all-copper 710W motor, offering variable speeds from 13,000 to 33,000 RPM – it’s rather versatile for a wide range of carpentry tasks. Its compatibility with both 6mm and 8mm cutters further enhances this versatility.

Now, the cherry on top for me was the included extra accessories. It came with straight and curved edge guides, several chucks, a dust extractor, and a few other bits and bobs, which was quite a nice touch.

But, of course, it’s not without its shortcomings. While its budget-friendly price is a boon for casual users, it might not quite cut it for those seeking a tool for regular heavy-duty use. The power cable can be a bit of a hindrance if you’re used to cordless tools. And there have been some murmurs about durability issues, though I’ve yet to encounter any.

In a nutshell, if you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone looking for a cost-effective router for the occasional carpentry task, I’d say the DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router is a solid contender.

Compared with the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W, the DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router brings unique features to the table. The DEWINNER router boasts a powerful 710W all-copper motor with a variable speed range from 13,000 to 33,000 RPM, providing exceptional power for demanding carpentry applications. Its quick-locking and depth adjustment system, along with the micro-adjustment dial, enables precise control over machining depth.

The aluminium body with a rubber-coated surface ensures a comfortable grip and easy control during operation. The DEWINNER router offers versatility with its compatibility with 1/4″, 3/8″, 6mm, and 8mm cutters, making it suitable for various routing, trimming, and plunge tasks. Additionally, the inclusion of multiple accessories such as straight guides, curved edge guides, chucks, burrs, carbon brushes, wrench, lever, and dust extractor enhances its usability and value.

Overall, the DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router excels in power, versatility, and precise depth adjustment, making it a compelling choice when compared to the VonHaus Compact Palm Router Saw 710W.

Based on the user reviews of the DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router, there is some additional information provided by the users that is not explicitly stated by the manufacturer. Users highlight the great value for money that the router offers, despite its affordable price. One user mentions that they were initially concerned about the cable getting in the way but found that it was not an issue during use.

The inclusion of various bits and a spare set of brushes is appreciated by users, adding value to the purchase. Users generally find the router easy to use, powerful, well-built, and of good quality for the price. However, one user mentions that the router may not be suitable for heavy, daily use and is more recommended for sporadic profiling tasks.

Another user notes that the switch placement on the top may lead to accidentally turning it on during bit changes, although it is good practice to unplug the tool during such operations. One user reports an issue with the quality of the included bits, specifically the bearing on a half-round bit that came off during use.

Overall, users find the DEWINNER Electric Hand Palm Router to be a good value for money tool, with positive feedback on its performance, ease of use, and included accessories.

KATSU Electric Hand Wood Trimmer

KATSU Electric Hand Wood Trimmer

The KATSU Electric Hand Wood Trimmer is a versatile and affordable option for both beginners and experienced woodworkers looking for a compact and easy-to-use palm router.


  • Lightweight and solid aluminium body
  • Variable speed control dial for easy adjustments
  • Depth adjustment and quick-locking system


  • May not be as refined as more expensive routers
  • Clamp may loosen during use
  • Not suited for heavy-duty tasks

I recently had the opportunity to use the KATSU Electric Hand Wood Trimmer. Being a woodworking aficionado myself, I found this tool to be an economical yet adaptable asset to my collection. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker like me, I reckon this tool will prove to be just as useful.

Constructed with a sturdy aluminium body, the KATSU router guarantees durability while being impressively light. It’s splendidly adaptable, useful for a plethora of tasks such as trimming, edge forming, slot cutting, and decorative work – essentially, it’s a dream for those of us who enjoy a bit of creative woodworking.

The standout feature, in my view, is the variable speed control dial. Being able to dictate the speed at which you work is invaluable, especially when tackling more delicate or intricate projects where a mishap could spell disaster. Plus, the tool also boasts a precise depth adjustment mechanism, offering a maximum depth of about 20mm. It’s these adjustable features that make it a good fit for a variety of woodworking tasks.

That being said, there are a couple of snags worth considering. Certain parts of the tool may lack the finesse of the more pricey counterparts, potentially casting a shadow on its long-term reliability. Also, I noticed that the clamp could sometimes come loose during operation, requiring a bit of nut-tightening to keep it stable. Lastly, it might not be your go-to tool for heavy-duty tasks, which means professional woodworkers might find it a bit lacking.

To sum up, if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly, dependable palm router, the KATSU Electric Hand Wood Trimmer is worth considering. Its lightweight design, adaptable features, and portability make it quite handy for a range of woodworking tasks, particularly in those tight spots where larger tools might struggle.

Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Palm Edge Router

Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless

The Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Palm Edge Router is an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight, powerful and convenient routing experience.


  • Lightweight and well-balanced ergonomic design
  • Cordless convenience with efficient EC Brushless motor
  • Precise depth adjustment system


  • Lacks included batteries
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • May require regular maintenance due to cordless nature

When I first used the Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Palm Edge Router, I was impressed by its lightweight design and ease of handling. The gripping areas are positioned perfectly in relation to the workpiece, ensuring maximum stability while edge-forming and trimming. This cordless router has made edge routing and trimming much more comfortable and hassle-free for me.

The EC Brushless motor in this palm edge router provides efficient power, allowing the tool to reach a maximum of 13,000 rpm and offering up to 23 feet of round-over capacity per battery amp hour. It’s a reliable choice for my DIY projects, particularly in situations where a power outlet may not be readily accessible. However, I found that this router may not be suitable for heavy-duty work, so be mindful of its limitations.

One feature that I particularly love is the versatile depth-adjustment system. It allows precise fine depth adjustment, easy macro depth adjustment, and even has a depth adjustment lock to prevent tampering with the depth setting. The easy-change spindle lock also makes bit changes incredibly convenient, requiring just one wrench for quick adjustments.

In summary, the Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Palm Edge Router is a friendly, lightweight, well-balanced cordless router that offers the convenience of hassle-free edge routing. While it may not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks, its precise depth adjustment system and ease of handling make it an excellent addition to any DIY enthusiast’s toolkit.

Bosch Colt 1.25 HP Palm Router Kit

Bosch Colt 1.25 HP Palm Router Kit

The Bosch Colt 1.25 HP Palm Router Kit is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a compact and powerful tool for various woodworking projects.


  • Ergonomic palm-grip design for comfortable use
  • Powerful 1.25 HP motor with variable speed dial
  • Precise depth-adjustment system for accuracy


  • Might not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Limited to a corded power source
  • A bit heavier than some other palm routers

The Bosch GKF125CE Colt is a variable-speed palm-grip router that packs quite a punch in a compact design. Its ergonomic palm-grip with soft-grip makes it very comfortable to hold, which is a significant advantage when compared to larger routers. Although small, this router has ample power with its 1.25 HP motor, providing the versatility required for a wide range of woodworking tasks.

One of its standout features is the precise depth-adjustment system that ensures accuracy during use. This is crucial for tasks such as hinge mortising, decorative edge forming, and window cutouts, to name a few. The router also boasts soft-start circuitry and Constant Response circuitry, maintaining speed under load for consistent performance.

When it comes to speed, the Bosch Colt offers a variable speed dial ranging from 16,000 to 35,000 RPM, allowing you to match the speed to the workpiece and task at hand. Its rugged aluminium base housing and wide-bit capacity provide durability and flexibility for various routing jobs.

In conclusion, the Bosch GKF125CE Colt 1.25 HP Palm Router Kit is a fantastic choice for those looking for a dependable and versatile router in a comfortable, compact design. While it may not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks and operates with a cord, its power and precision far outweigh these minor drawbacks.

BriSunshine 800W Electric Wood Trim Router

BriSunshine 800W Electric Wood Trim Router

The BriSunshine 800W Electric Wood Trim Router is a worthwhile purchase for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, for its durability and versatility in various woodworking tasks.


  • Powerful 800W copper motor
  • High accuracy with transparent base and built-in scale
  • Wide application, suitable for woodworking, cabinet making, and DIY handicrafts


  • Router bits not included
  • Some users reported difficulty in fitting bits
  • Potentially inadequate motor for heavy-duty tasks

The BriSunshine 800W Electric Wood Trim Router boasts a strong copper motor and high-quality materials, making it both effective and durable for various woodworking tasks. Its transparent base allows for clear observation of the processing conditions, while the built-in scale increases accuracy during operation.

This palm router is versatile and applicable for wood processing, cabinet and furniture processing, plastic sheeting, and woodworking planning. It’s also suitable for DIY handicrafts, making it a perfect addition to any workshop or home.

Although this router does not come with bits, they can be easily found and purchased separately (1/4inch or 6.35mm shank). Some users have mentioned difficulties in fitting the bits securely; ensure to follow the installation steps provided in the product images to avoid any issues. The 800W motor may be insufficient for heavy-duty tasks but should be more than capable of handling most light to medium-duty woodworking projects.

Overall, the BriSunshine 800W Electric Wood Trim Router is a practical and reliable tool for those looking to enhance their woodworking capabilities. Despite its minor drawbacks, it offers a great balance of performance, accuracy, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Silverline 329863 DIY 1020W Plunge Router

Silverline 329863 DIY 1020W Plunge Router

The Silverline 329863 DIY 1020W Plunge Router is a reliable choice for woodworking enthusiasts in need of a budget-friendly palm router.


  • Versatile with both 1/4″ and 8 mm collets
  • Adjustable speed control (11,500 – 34,000rpm)
  • 3 height-adjustable turret stop for precision


  • Lacks a continuous operation button
  • No included router bits
  • Flimsy packaging

The Silverline 329863 DIY 1020W Plunge Router is an effective tool for various woodworking projects, offering two collet sizes (1/4″ and 8 mm) for added versatility. The top-mounted variable speed control allows you to adjust the speed between 11,500 and 34,000rpm, ensuring optimal performance for various materials and operations.

One of the key features of this palm router is the 40 mm plunge depth capability with a height scale and depth lock. For added control and precision, the router has a turret stop with three height-adjustable steps. This makes it convenient for woodworking novices and experts alike.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this palm router. The absence of a continuous operation button may limit hands-free use, potentially causing discomfort during extended usage. Additionally, the router does not include any bits in the package, and users will have to purchase them separately. Lastly, some customers have reported concerns about the packaging being flimsy, potentially risking damage during transit.

Despite these shortfalls, the Silverline 329863 DIY 1020W Plunge Router offers excellent value for money and remains a solid option for those seeking a budget-friendly and effective palm router in the UK.

Estink Palm Router

Estink Palm Router

The Estink Palm Router is a reliable choice for those seeking a durable woodworking tool with high accuracy and versatile applications.


  • High-quality materials
  • Easy operation and stable processing
  • Professional cutting and curve processing


  • No variable speed control
  • May vibrate the guide loose
  • Some parts may have quality issues

The Estink Palm Router is a compact and powerful tool, built from high-quality aluminium and plastic materials, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. Despite its small size, the router is perfect for wood processing, cabinet processing, handicraft production, and DIY woodworking projects.

One of the shining features of the Estink Palm Router is its ease of operation. The clearly visible scale, coupled with the straight and trimming guides, ensures stable and accurate processing. This also helps in achieving exact cuts and fine curve processing, making it a truly versatile option for various woodworking tasks.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks to the Estink Palm Router. The lack of variable speed control may be a deal-breaker for professionals looking for more precise control. Additionally, some users have noted that the router may cause the guide to loosen due to vibrations. Lastly, certain parts may have quality issues, such as rust, and some users have reported the absence of instructions on setting up guides.

Nonetheless, considering its affordable price, the Estink Palm Router is a great choice for beginners and hobbyists alike who are looking for a decent woodworking tool with accurate cutting and curve processing capabilities.

Buying Guide

a man testing out a palm router

Alternatives to Using a Palm Router

An alternative to using a palm router for certain tasks could be a traditional router or a trim router. Traditional routers typically have more power and larger bases, allowing for a wider range of routing applications and deeper cuts. They are well-suited for heavy-duty tasks and working with larger workpieces. On the other hand, trim routers are smaller, lightweight versions of traditional routers designed specifically for lighter routing tasks and precision work.

Trim routers are often used for edge trimming, decorative work, and small-scale projects. They offer manoeuvrability and ease of control in tight spaces. Depending on the specific routing needs and preferences of the user, choosing between a palm router, traditional router, or trim router can provide alternative options to achieve desired results.

Power and Speed

Power is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a palm router. The tool’s power is generally measured in Watts, and it determines the device’s ability to cut through various materials. A higher wattage indicates better performance. Also, look at the router’s speed, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). A higher speed ensures smoother cuts and better overall results.

Variable Speed Control

Choose a palm router with variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the tool’s speed according to the material you’re working with and the type of cut you need. This feature helps prevent burning or damaging delicate materials.

Plunge Depth

Determining the maximum plunge depth is crucial for reaching the desired cut depth. Most palm routers offer plunge depths of around 30-60 millimetres. Consider your project requirements and choose a router with a suitable plunge depth.

Base Options

Some palm routers come with multiple base options that can be interchanged. A fixed base offers precise cuts and is suitable for straight and controlled edging. On the other hand, a plunge base provides versatility and allows you to make deeper cuts.

Ergonomics and Durability

A palm router should be comfortable to hold and have an ergonomic design. Opt for devices with rubber grips or padded handles that allow for better control and reduce fatigue during extended use. The tool should also be durable and made of high-quality materials that can withstand regular wear and tear.


Look for palm routers that come with additional features and accessories, such as dust extraction systems, LED work lights, and edge guides. These extras can enhance usability and improve the overall woodworking experience.

By considering these factors and understanding your unique woodworking needs, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best palm router in the UK market. Happy routing!

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