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The website, as captured by the Internet Archive on July 21, 2019, was the online home of Ardtornish Estate, a historic Scottish estate that features a variety of gardens and woodland walks.

The website provided visitors with an overview of the estate’s gardens, which were designed and planted by various members of the Campbell family over the past century. The gardens included a walled garden, a sunken garden, and a water garden, as well as various woodland areas.

In addition to providing information about the gardens themselves, the website also offered details about the estate’s history and the Campbell family’s involvement with it. Visitors could learn about the various owners of the estate over the centuries, as well as the current owners and their efforts to preserve and maintain the property.

The website also highlighted some of the events and activities that took place on the estate throughout the year. For example, visitors could attend guided garden tours, as well as art exhibitions and concerts that were held on the property.

Ardtornish Estate is located in the West Highlands of Scotland, on the Morvern Peninsula overlooking the Sound of Mull. The estate is steeped in history, having been occupied by various owners over the centuries. It was bought by the Campbell family in the early 20th century, and they have been responsible for creating and maintaining the stunning gardens that make up a large part of the estate today.

The gardens of Ardtornish are a highlight for many visitors, and the website provided a wealth of information about the different areas of the gardens, including their history, design, and planting. For example, the walled garden was originally designed by Lady Sybil Campbell in the 1920s, and features a variety of flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables. The sunken garden, on the other hand, was created by her son, Sir Ian Campbell, in the 1960s, and features a series of ponds and fountains, surrounded by beautiful borders of perennials and shrubs.

The water garden is another popular attraction, featuring a series of interconnected ponds and waterfalls, designed to create a peaceful and serene environment. Visitors can stroll along the various woodland walks, taking in the natural beauty of the estate, and observing the wildlife that calls it home.

In addition to providing information about the gardens themselves, the website also offered insights into the history of the estate and the Campbell family. Visitors could learn about the various owners of the property over the centuries, including a Norse king, a clan chief, and a 19th-century industrialist. The website also highlighted the Campbell family’s contributions to the estate, including their efforts to preserve the natural environment, protect wildlife, and promote sustainable land use.

Throughout the year, the estate hosts a variety of events and activities, including art exhibitions, concerts, and guided garden tours. The website provided details about these events, as well as information about how to book tickets and accommodation for those who wished to stay on the estate. Visitors could choose from a range of options, including self-catering holiday cottages, a boutique hotel, and camping facilities.

Overall, was a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring the natural beauty, history, and culture of Ardtornish Estate. It provided a wealth of information about the gardens and their design, as well as insights into the estate’s fascinating history and the Campbell family’s contributions to it. The website also served as a portal for booking accommodation and attending events, making it a comprehensive resource for visitors from all over the world.

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