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Are you looking for ways how to dispose of a steam iron? Whether you’re ready to upgrade or just need a break from the chore, it’s important that we all do our part in keeping these items out of landfills. In this blog post, we’ll discuss various options on how best to dispose of a steam iron – from recycling and donating through to selling and safety tips. We’ll delve into the ecological ramifications of each choice, so you can choose wisely when it comes to discarding your steamer. So if disposing of your steamer feels like an uphill battle – fear not. Read on!

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Recycling Options

When it comes to recycling steam irons, there are a few options available in the UK. The first option is local authority recycling centres. These centres accept a variety of items for recycling, including steam irons. You can take your old iron to one of these centres and they will recycle it for you.

Recycling your steam iron is an excellent way to minimise waste and demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship. Still, if you’re after another solution, why not give your iron to someone who could do with a new one?


Whether you’re looking to donate an old steam iron or other home and garden products, there are plenty of organisations that accept donations.

Where To Donate:

Donating a used steam iron can be done at various places, such as thrift stores, homeless shelters, churches and more. Many of these organisations will take any kind of donation from furniture to clothing to appliances like irons. You can also search online for local charities that accept donations near you.

What To Do Before Donating:

Before donating your steam iron or other items, make sure they’re clean and in good working condition. If the item isn’t working properly or needs repairs before it can be donated, consider taking it to a repair shop first so it can be fixed up before being given away. It’s important not only for the recipient but also for safety reasons too.

Also, check with the organisation beforehand if they have any specific requirements on what type of items they accept – some may only take certain types of products while others might have restrictions on the size or age of the product being donated. Ensure that your contribution is accepted without any difficulties when you bring it to their premises by confirming with the organisation in advance if they have any specific criteria regarding what kind of items are acceptable – some may only take certain kinds of goods, while others might impose restrictions on size or age.

Packaging Your Donation:

When packing up your donation for transport make sure everything is securely wrapped up so nothing gets damaged during transit – this includes bubble wrap around delicate parts like knobs and buttons on an appliance like a steam iron. Also, include all necessary accessories such as cords/cables if applicable when donating larger electronics like TVs or computers as well as instruction manuals if available (or photocopies). Lastly don’t forget about labelling each box clearly with its contents so the receiving organisation knows exactly what has been donated by whom.

Tax Benefits Of Donating:

When it comes to charitable giving, there are tax benefits associated with donating unwanted goods. It is important to keep track of all receipts related to donations made throughout the year, including transportation costs incurred while dropping off items at their destination. These may qualify for deductions come tax time depending on individual circumstances and should be discussed with a qualified accountant prior to making any decisions regarding taxes owed or paid.

Donating your antiquated steam iron could be a great means of providing assistance to those in need while also getting rid of something that is no longer wanted. But if you’re after a monetary return, putting it up for sale may be the better choice.

Key Takeaway: Donating home and garden products such as steam irons can help the community while reducing waste, so think twice before throwing away something that could still be used.


a tool for getting the clothes wrinkles out

When it comes to selling a steam iron, there are several options available. For those looking to offload their steam iron, e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon offer a great platform for reaching an expansive customer base. You may also choose to use classified ads websites like Craigslist or Gumtree, which allow you to post an ad in your local area with details about the product you’re selling.

Another option is social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping. Upload a picture of the item, provide some details and leave your contact info so potential buyers can reach out to you. It’s important to note that these sites usually have their own rules regarding payment methods (e.g., PayPal) and delivery arrangements (e.g., shipping), so make sure to read up on them before listing your item for sale.

Finally, if all else is fruitless, contemplate a yard sale or garage sale where locals can come and buy goods at reduced prices – this could be notably helpful if there are multiple items that need to be sold speedily. Just remember: when hosting any kind of sales event like this one, safety should always be top priority – which we will discuss in the next section. 

Key Takeaway: Selling or donating a steam iron is not only beneficial for your wallet, but also for the environment. When selling items, it is critical to take precautions for safety.

Safety Tips

When it comes to disposing of a steam iron, safety should be your top priority. Before anything else, ensure the steam iron is disconnected from its power source and no longer plugged into any electrical outlets to avert possible electric shocks or fires due to a live wire. This will prevent any potential electric shocks or fires caused by an exposed live wire.

Once the steam iron has been unplugged, wrap it in newspaper or bubble wrap before disposal. This will help protect anyone who may come into contact with the item while they are handling it during transport and disposal. It also helps reduce damage to other items when being transported as well as preventing cuts and scrapes on skin if handled without protection.

Prior to donating your old steam iron, ensure that all components are present and in working order. Inspect the device for any signs of wear or tear such as frayed wires or loose connections which could cause injury if not addressed beforehand. Additionally, test out each setting on the appliance itself to make sure it is functioning properly before giving it away.

Remember to take all necessary precautions for safety when discarding a steam iron; it should be the priority. Now, let’s delve into the ecological repercussions of discarding a steam iron and explore ways to reduce them.

Environmental Impact

a piece of cloth and a laundry appliance

It is critical to be aware that these items contain dangerous components, such as lead and mercury, which can have a negative influence on our environment if not disposed of correctly.

The most common way of discarding steam irons is to simply toss them in the rubbish bin, without consideration for how their hazardous components may impact our environment when they reach landfill or incineration sites. Regrettably, this approach does not consider the environmental repercussions of these dangerous substances when they are disposed of in landfills or incinerators.

Another option for disposing of a steam iron is recycling it through specialised programs like e-waste recycling centres or local electronics stores that offer collection services for old appliances and other electronic devices. Taking advantage of this type of program can assist in minimising your carbon footprint while also curtailing hazardous substances from infiltrating landfills and incinerators, which may possibly lead to soil and water contamination.

FAQs in Relation to How to Dispose of a Steam Iron

Can I put an iron in the recycle bin?

No, you cannot put an iron in the recycle bin. Irons are not recyclable and should be disposed of properly. To do this, check with your local waste management authority to find out what options they provide for disposing of old appliances like irons. When discarding materials that may contain hazardous substances, like metals or plastics, it is essential to take caution so as to avoid them ending up in either landfills or water systems.

How do I dispose of electric iron?

Discarding an electric iron can be done with a few straightforward measures. Firstly, unplug the iron from the power source and allow it to cool down completely before handling. Secondly, remove any detachable parts such as cords or water tanks. Thirdly, take your electric iron to a local recycling centre where they will safely dispose of it for you. Finally, if you cannot access a recycling centre then contact your local council who may provide collection services for larger electrical items like irons. By following these steps you can ensure that your old electric iron is disposed of responsibly and safely.


Whether you choose to recycle, donate, or sell your old steam iron, make sure that you do so safely and responsibly. When it comes to getting rid of a steam iron, be cognizant of the environmental repercussions and take steps to guarantee that your method on how to dispose of a steam iron is as green as can be. With these tips in mind, we hope you have a safe and successful experience when it comes time to dispose of your steam iron.

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