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Are you curious about what is the symbol for an induction hob? Do you wonder what the symbol for an induction hob looks like and how it will affect your culinary journey? Look no further. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the symbol for induction cooking as well as other symbols that indicate pan compatibility. If you seek to comprehend the significance of these enigmatic symbols on your cookware, read further – for here we provide all the answers.

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Symbol for Induction Cooking

The symbol for induction cooking is easily identifiable and stands out from other symbols. It’s a circle with a ‘wavy’ line inside, sometimes accompanied by the words ‘induction compatible’. This symbol is found on cookware that has been specifically designed to be used on an induction hob or stovetop.

Induction hobs are different from traditional gas or electric stoves in that they use electromagnets to heat the pan directly rather than heating up the surface of the hob itself. In order for this process to work correctly, it requires specific materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and enamelled steel – which is why you need special cookware marked with this symbol if you have an induction hob at home.

hob symbol

It’s important not to confuse this symbol with others that may look similar but mean something else entirely – like those indicating oven safety (a circle containing three lines) or microwave safety (a wavy line). So make sure you know what each one means before buying any new pans.

If your existing pans don’t feature this particular symbol, then don’t worry; there are plenty of simple tests you can do at home to check whether they’ll work on your induction hob – like seeing if a magnet sticks firmly when placed against them, or checking their base thicknesses using callipers. If nothing else, consult an in-store specialist to assist you with pinpointing the perfect product.

Compatibility of Pans

When it comes to induction cooking, the most important thing is ensuring your pans are compatible. Induction hobs use a magnetic field that heats up the pan directly instead of heating up the hob itself. For induction cooking, it is essential to have cookware made of ferromagnetic materials such as cast iron or stainless steel in order for the magnetic field generated by the hob to be effective. Non-ferrous materials such as glass and aluminium will not be suitable for induction cooking.

The best type of material for an induction hob is cast iron because it has excellent heat retention properties which makes it ideal for searing meats and slow-cooking stews. It also doesn’t take long to heat up so you can get food on the table faster than with other types of pans. The downside is that cast iron can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre if you have limited strength or mobility issues, but if this isn’t a problem then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose this option over others when buying new cookware.

stainless steel pans

Stainless steel is another popular choice when looking at compatibility with an induction hob since its durable, lightweight and relatively affordable compared to other options out there. However, one drawback is that stainless steel doesn’t conduct heat as well as some other materials so foods may take longer to cook through completely on these surfaces – although this could be seen as a positive if you want more control over how quickly dishes are cooked.

Finally, enameled cast iron pots are great alternatives too since they offer all the benefits of traditional cast iron but without being quite so heavy or cumbersome; plus their glossy finish looks great in any kitchen. They do tend to cost slightly more than regular pots though so bear this in mind before making your purchase decision – especially if budget constraints come into play here.

It is important to understand the compatibility of pans when using an induction hob, as this will ensure that you get the best cooking results. With that in mind, it’s also useful to be aware of other symbols used for pan compatibility with various types of hobs.

Other Symbols for Pan Compatibility

When shopping for cookware, it’s important to know what symbols indicate compatibility with your stovetop. Many manufacturers use the same basic symbols for all types of cooktops, but there are some variations that can help you determine which pans will work best with your range.

For electric and induction ranges, look for a circle or square divided into four sections. This symbol indicates the pan is suitable for both cooking methods. The smaller circles inside represent heating elements on an electric range, while the larger circle represents an induction coil in an induction cooker.

If you have a gas stovetop, look for two crossed lines inside a square or circle shape. This means the pan is designed specifically to be used on gas burners and won’t work as well on other types of stoves. Some brands may also include additional lines within this symbol to show how many burners it works best with – such as one line indicating single-burner compatibility and two lines meaning double-burner compatibility etc. Make sure you check before buying any new pots or pans if they meet all your needs in terms of heat source requirements because nothing ruins dinner faster than realizing halfway through cooking that your pot isn’t compatible.

Key Takeaway: When shopping for cookware, it’s important to know what symbols indicate compatibility with your stovetop. Generally speaking, an induction hob is indicated by a circle or square divided into four sections; gas stoves are represented by two crossed lines inside a square or circle shape; and stainless steel pans without rivets are not oven safe. So always check the symbol before buying any new pots or pans so you don’t end up in hot water later on.


In conclusion, understanding what is the symbol for an induction hob is important when selecting cookware that is compatible with your cooking surface. Knowing what other symbols to look out for can also help you make sure your pans will work properly on different types of stoves and hobs. With a bit of exploration, it’s straightforward to identify the ideal cookware for any stove or hob, so you can soon be savouring delectable dishes.

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